Sequential Pro 3

I’m not sure you can from reading the manual. Looks like it will output a clock like signal from Gate Out on back panel but can’t find any settings for this. Might be able to sacrifice a sequencer track also to output clock but no way of syncing it to a tight modular clock. Shame really.
Looks like it’s midi sync only which is disappointing.

I think there’s a way to trigger sequencer steps, one at a time, via a signal sent to a CV in. A tight modular clock, sending a steady signal, should sync the two nicely.

Yeah should be able to do that but not quite the same as syncing the Pro 3’s arp to an incoming modular clock, now that would be a deal breaker for me. Still a very nice synth, debating whether I sell my ob6 for one.

I can’t get enough of new YT videos posted. I’m an absolute fiend with this thing… honestly not sure what it is about it yet. I think the best one by far has been the one from Ricky Tinez. I was completely mesmerized by some of those arps and patterns with the glide. It’s going to be a real struggle to wait until I have the cash to get one. The emergency fund might have to take a dip for a few weeks. :laughing: :rofl:


Coronavirus quarantine Pro 3 mini review:

VCOs - Huge sonic range. Variable wave shapes and wave shape modulation. You basically end up with analog wavetables. Plenty of bass, sort of a loose low end, very organic. Tighter mids and highs, but still not super clean. Pretty balanced VCOs. Very airy. Not round and muted like Moog oscillators, not cute and fun like SH-101 oscillators. They can’t really do the 8-bit thing all that well. And not as abrasive as something like MS-20 oscillators. What’s great is that the oscillators clip early in the mixer, and very elegantly. So for example a very balanced square wave becomes harsh and bold.

Digital Wavetable Oscillator - The wavetables sound great and mix perfectly with the VCOs. It’s not an awkward marriage at all. The selection is pretty good. I think I preferred the DigiPro wavetables in my Monomachine more, but these are solid. Going through a VCF and VCA here makes them incredibly warm and rich sounding. You get a lot of timbres here that VCOs just can’t do. All sorts of metallic, cutting sounds, vowels, clicks, etc. so many textures. Hopefully they add more.

VCFs - The Prophet and SEM filters are gorgeous and well known so I’ll try and describe the new Ladder filter. It is easily on par with the other two. The resonance is much more controlled and much less piercing than other Ladder filters. No deafening whistling shrieks. It’s super musical and smooth. Turn up the resonance about half way and do a sweep, you get a really nice growl. It’s not smudgy and fuzzy. If I had to compare it to other Ladder filters I would say it’s something like the Moog Source.

Sequencer - Very deep, but can be tedious to use if you really want to push it and sequence lots of different parameters. For Elektron users, the sequencer probably won’t impress. The best part of the sequencer by far, is the Trigger mode. Sequence any parameter like cutoff or wave shape and each key press advances the sequencer one step. Randomize the sequence order and it becomes so much fun.

Modulation - You can basically route anything to anything. If you run out of slots, there is something wrong with you. This is basically a modular synth.

Usability/Playability - Elite keybed, pitch bend wheel and mod wheel, touch strip, velocity and aftertouch. All assignable. Very expressive instrument. Synthesis possibilities are vast and can become a rabbit hole. It is not entirely knob per function and there is a good amount of screen usage. You will probably be tempted (like I was) to create 3 oscillator patches with crazy modulation, sequencing, tuned feedback, and effects. This will quickly prove to sound awful. This synth will teach you temperance and subtlety. You have many tools to design patches, and you have to pick them carefully and creatively. I have not used the paraphonc mode extensively so I won’t comment on it.

Build Quality - If you dropped this on someone’s head they would surely die.

FX - I’ll talk about a few of them. The high pass filter is shockingly good. Very digital sounding in the best possible way. Marrying this digital texture to something warm and organic like the Ladder filter makes for a sound I really enjoy. Super Plate Reverb is as close to a perfect reverb as I’ve heard. The chorus is okay. Not as lush as one would hope, but not terrible either. It works.

Conclusion - The presets and demos do not represent the synth appropriately. It is not just a noise machine. If I had to describe it, it’s like a Pro One and PPG Wave 2.2/2.3 had a baby. Which becomes the Evolver 2. But I don’t think that’s right either. The character of the Pro 3 is very analog, warm, and rich. The sound is much less ‘hybrid’ than the specs suggest. The Evolver was much more of a true hybrid sound, it had this great electrical, digital sizzle the Pro 3 doesn’t have. And I don’t think the Pro 2 should even be compared to the Pro 3 anymore. I have only heard the Pro 2 online, and although they share lots of specs, these are two totally distinct sounding instruments. I’m confident that a Pro 2 owner who buys a Pro 3 will agree.


Awesome write up! Very much agree with what you’ve said. I’ve had mine exactly a week now and have been meaning to write something up, but at the same time holding off a bit. I still have only used it probably 4-5 hours total with everything that’s been going on. I’m going to try to post some thoughts maybe this weekend, but wanted say thanks for sharing!


Yeah Pro 2 and 3 seem pretty dang different, despite sharing the basic idea of super mono synth with deep paraphonic modes, cool sequencer and CV in out. How they handle wavetables, filters and fx is totally different seeming to me.

I don’t have a Pro 3 but on the Pro 2 if you run an old chromatic sampler through the audio input (I use an akai s1000) you can definitely get a paraphonic digital sizzle in the style of a Evolver or Prophet 2000 if you crave it. I certainly would think it would work on the Pro 3.

One reason more modulation on the Pro 2 might not actually matter as much compared to the Pro 3 is you basically need to build your own FX on the Pro 2 with the stack of delays. Meaning more often than not an LFO is going that way. Anyways I hope some day the Pro 3 becomes as affordable as the Pro 2 got because I certainly want one… but also not willing to part with the Pro 2.


I’m surprised that there’s no talking about this beast.

Anyone got/expecting one?

Ever since it was announced it got my interest and in the few demos available online it sounds great to me. I really liked this one:

I can’t say that I like the looks of the regular version but it’s not ugly either. The panel looks a bit cheaply made though, compared to a Sub37 for example. And the knobs aren’t the best looking either.

It’s definitely on my wantlist. I hope a desktop version will be announced at some point though.

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I had the chance to play with it in my local store before the Covid and I can say that it’s very solid especially the knobs. IMO, the Filter knob is in its own category.

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I’ve had one for a few weeks, but haven’t had a lot to add beyond what 606 wrote above (nicely done). Looks are of course subjective and I’d reserve at least some judgment until you can see one in person. I think it looks great and have no issue at all with the front panel. I paid zero attention to the fact that it’s an overlay vs. being silkscreened until weeks later when someone else mentioned it in a review. If money and time were no option I’d have gone with the SE (just for the hinged panel), but for my use I really can’t justify the extra money not to mention it simply wasn’t available and likely wouldn’t be for several months. I won’t completely rule swapping it out for an SE much further down the road, but I have many other desires ahead of it and it’s just not that big of an issue at least for me. Knobs can be swapped out, but I think the stock ones are quite fine and fit the look.

Build quality is outstanding overall. It’s an absolute tank and the feel/quality easily exceeds any keyboard synth I’ve ever had since the mid 90’s. The only thing that comes close are desktop synths I’ve had from Studio Electronics or other boutique outboard gear.


Got one yesterday. Yes. It clicks via USB, midi or dedicated clock in.

Start stop is annoying when you change certain params in global or sequencer.

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Ok, thanks. Just have a few questions. Do you patch the clock into one of the CV ins on Pro 3 ? How does transport work from the modular to the Pro 3, ie how does the modular start and stop the Pro 3 ?

OK, i wasn’t right on clock in. My bad.

I’m clocking it from a KeyStep, which then sends classic start/stop to the P3 seq.
I can then send on ‘clicks’ from the sequencer track to drive a modular clock.

The P3 has a number of MIDI sync modes, but i’m unable to get it to send start/stop out.
So it’s mostly a slave for me right now.

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Been waiting for this one!!


When I see and listen to it, makes me thinking about selling some modular stuff and go with the pro 3 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: wuld love to see an inbuild lowpass gate. I can imagine fx are really good. I totally like chorus and phaser on my p6 :nerd_face:

Yep that reverb sounds lovely doesn’t it. I love synths with included FX.

No doubt the Pro 3 sounds great and it’s packed with features, however, I still haven’t heard anything from it (so far) that amazes me like the Subsequent 37 does. Maybe it’s too soon and it’s not on the hands of the right people yet.

I’m in the market for a monosynth right now and I’m going to have a tough time deciding between this and the Subsequent 37.

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I know quite a few people who are happy with their Sub37/Subsequent 37.

I do know one guy that later sold his and replaced it with a Prophet 6. He originally just wanted an analog synth for bass parts, and relied on his Korg SV-1 for the rest of his sounds. But then later he started wanting to be able to add melody and chords to the bass parts on the analog side.

I got the standard one today. I played the SE in store before Covid started and it’s gorgeous, but I couldn’t justify the price difference. I sold an ob6 to get this instead. It’s really fantastic. I love how immediate it is. I’ve had a sub 37 too. That was amazing and powerful but felt less immediate, especially in the sequencer department.


Interesting. May I ask why you’d go this route? No offense implied – I’m genuinely curious, as either of these synths would be dream machines for me.