Sequencing the moog sub 37 via the analog keys

I have question/problem:

trying to play/sequence the sub 37 (moog) with analog keys via CV AB split cable. both machines latest firmware.

I am able to get sounds from the sub 37 so gate and pick are setup okay.

problem: sub 37 out of tune

I tried tuning it as is written in the manual of analog keys page 56 and 57

but when I:

(quote from the manual:

Before configuring the pitch output you should setup a gate output so that notes can be triggered on the receiv- ing end. You should also set up the gate and pitch parameters so that they use the same source track for trigger- ing notes.
Select NOTE 1, it could for example be C3. Then highlight VOLTAGE 1 and press the[YES/SAVE]key. This will trigger a C3 note which is played for as long as you hold down the key. While keeping[YES/SAVE]pressed, adjust the voltage until the controlled synthesizer actually plays the note C3 using[ARROW]keys[LEFT]/ [RIGHT]orDATA ENTRYknobA. If you don’t have a tuning device, we recommend you play the corresponding note on one of the Analog Keys internal tracks and tune by ear. )

hold down the [yes/save] key the note (i.e. C3) is not played at all.

so a play a key and hear a note. if i then turn DATA ENTRY knob A the pitch does not change gradually but in steps of 0.1 Volts.

Could someone help me out?

thanks in advance

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