Sequencing Machinedrum with Digitone

I would like to be able to have the bonus of the Digitone sequencer on the Machinedrum but for the life of me I can’t figure out how, I am not sure if it is because of the MD’s base channel system or if I am just too stupid to figure it out. My MD is set to base channel 2-5 and so on my DN I set the MIDI Channel in the MIDI config to 2 (for example) as well as on the MIDI source page but it just doesn’t seem to be sequencing the MD. Both machines are routed through a Faderfox MX12 but I don’t think that is “the problem.” Also how would that even work with the MD’s base channel system, would 1 trigger on the DN trigger 4 MD sounds then? If anyone could help out I would really appreciate it greatly. Cheers

C2 on channel 2 will trigger the BD (track 1) on the machine drum, all the way up to D4 triggering track 16 m4, all on channel 2. the 3 extra midi channels only come into play if you need to send CC to the machine params.

Appendix B in the MD manual:



You aren’t dumb but a lot of drum machines work differently than you might think when sequenced externally. As Matthew Allen suggests, the MD only needs to receive on one MIDI channel and the note/notes you send will determine which sounds fire on the MD.


Ok thanks the DN sequencing abilities definitely adds a lot to the already powerhouse of a MD. My notes are a bit different for some reason but I read the manual now knowing what to look for and with the neat learn feature in the map editor I was able to trigger the MD from the DN. Best online community! <3


How many notes can be triggered simultaneously by the DN? Doesn’t it have a limit of notes per track?

I’m sure it has a polyphony limit per trig, but that shouldn’t limit the number of notes you can program on a track. If it does have a note limit per track I’m sure it is a high enough limit one could easily program a full drum track.

The limit is 8 notes per step, per track. See the manual, page 17.

If required you can assign more than one track to the same MIDI channel number.


Does anyone know what is going on when there is a trigger on the DN while there is at the same time a trigger on the same step on the MD? Something is definitely happening because the sound, sounds different on that step than if there is only a step coming from the DN or only from the MD. Logic makes me think the trigger would be doubled since there are two sources but then what does that mean is what you hear twice as loud because it doesn’t really sound like that is what’s happening.

It’s likely being double triggered. It shouldn’t be twice as loud as the MD’s tracks only have one voice so it will just retrigger.


Double triggered, confirmed.

So what does that retriggering do in the box? One voice is triggered and then triggered again so quickly right after that we percieve it as one sound?

Depending on the sound can be a slight popping at the beginning for fast attacking open filtered hits. Or the retrigger is “in-phase” and no audible difference.
I experienced both when accidentally had MIDI and internal triggering at the same time and better to avoid such a situation.


Yeah the popping sound is what I’ve experienced, likely the waveform is being cut at a non-zero point by the second trigger.


Is there a way to map the mute parameter of the Digitone’s midi tracks, I can’t find the midi cc for that parameter in the Digitone manual?

CC 94 according to page 89 section B.1

that is for the track mute of the audio track i want that but for the midi track

I see. Still worth a try, maybe works for MIDI tracks, too just not documented.

i have my digitone mapped to a faderfox and so the audio mute tracks 1-4 are already mapped to buttons on my faderfox on each individual midi channel 1-4 midi cc 94

MIDI tracks can have their own MIDI channels, for example if MIDI track 1 set to channel 5 you can map on the faderfox and try. Unfortunately not many MIDI track parameters mapped to CCs or just not tested, not published because of other more important features at work. Worth a try or send a request.

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oh actually 94 works awesome, for some reason I assumed it wouldn’t work because I have my faderfox mapped to my MD also and I thought it would access cc94 on the MD for that midi channel but luckily there is no cc94 for that track. If it would have been a different track it could have possibly accessed cc94 on the MD which is LFO amount. interesting :smiley:

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