Sequencing digitone with octatrack

I want to try sequencing the digitone with midi channels on the octatrack. This in order to create a kit feeling on the digitone. My setup consists of rytm, octatrack and digitone midi chained so they all follow the pattern changes on the rytm.

So the intention is for the digitone not to follow the program changes anymore, so when the rytm and octa go through the patterns, the digitone stays on 1 pattern. I can program the sequences on the octatrack, and jam/tweak along on the DN without sound changes between different patterns…

My question is: can I send a program change on the octatrack on 1 pattern (first pattern of a song) so the digitone jumps to the required pattern?

Or, does anyone have any tips or tricks or other advice for achieving what I want? As long as the DN doesn’t have kit functionality (hopefully in some update :slight_smile: )

Set DN to receive clock but not Program Change. You can manually select the right pattern on the DN to keep it on the same ‘kit’ as such.

Also, more info here for doing various things: Connecting the Octatrack to Digitone


Ok I got it already :slight_smile:

I just took an unused midi track, assign to program change channel on digitone, and use the program to send the program change. very easy off course…

but I would mind any advice or comments on how you get around the non existing kit on the DN. in my workflow this is very annoying! sequencing from the octa solves it, but this makes p-locking a pain in the ass…

It would be nice to use the DN´s p-locks when sequenced externally.

Trigless trigs for plocking, I guess

They don´t work :triumph:

Damn, didn’t realise that. Sending CCs from OT to DN controls could be a solution then. That way the ‘kit’ of the DN remains the same each pattern

Yes, that´s what I´m doing for now.


I just realized that set up like this, I can control parameter for 2 tracks on the DN simultaniously :slight_smile:
1 on the DN and one from the OT. Although I already could do this anyway, I just needed this process to realize it…

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Someone mentioned delaying triggs with micro timing.
Try delaying your DN triggless by I micro step to see if that works.

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Hmmm, I didn´t try that.