Sequencing a roland R8 from the Octatrack


Greetings everyone! This is my first post here on elektronauts. I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who have managed to use the octratrack’s midi sequencer to trigger / program / sequence a Roland R8.
I’ve tried multiple times setting everything up according to the roland r8 manual, assigning main midi channel to 11 and the drum pads on the R8 to be triggered by for example midinote A1 / A#1 from the octatrack, but still I can’t wrap my head around why I am not receiving any effect from the R8.
Anyone who have tried this and succeded?

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
With love, limone



He means the R8 not the TR8

The R8 is an old school drum machine which came out in the late 80’s

There may be similarities between them.

OP - I can’t help.


Have you been able to get any other machines working with the OT as MIDI controlller?


Yes thanks, I´ve got no problems with any other machines in my studio. :slight_smile:


Yes exactly, the classic ´89 version. would be nice to save some time from programming the roland r8 from it´s internal sequencer. :slight_smile:


I had an R8 MKII, and as far as I know the MIDI side is identical to the MK1

The manual also lists these other settings that are necessary, have you done these as well?



Thanx alot for your reply Adam Jay!
Tried everything according to the manual / set up-examples without any progress whatsoever. For the sake of it I tried to edit my Jomox Xbase999 with Midi from the Octatrack, again without any result!

Could it have something to do with Elektron not using Universal midi language in their machines? Bores the hell out of me sorry. Like for example, how do I know what note number corresponds to what note? (For example note36 = C1 etc.) I’ve tried all midi notes still nothing is happening.

Again I have no problem at all to midi edit my Synthesizers but what’s the thing with Octatrack vs. Drum machines in midi?

Time to get a Cirklon soon!

Thanx a lot for all of your responses!
Will not give up yet though, gonna give it a try like 1 or 2 more times before I give it all up!