Sequencer Not Triggering FX Tracks

having trouble figuring out why the slave tracks are being triggered from the mnm’s keyboard but not from notes in the sequencer.


pressed play? (sorry had to check)
unmuted track?
do the sequence trigs have any trig mode variations?

as you’re using FX and you refer to them as slave tracks some clarity on how your kit is setup would be useful. any routing and/or triggering between tracks?

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tracks unmuted, no trig mode variations, pressed play!

to clarify, i have synth on track 4 and reverb on track 5. i meant slave track as in track 4s trig menu is set such that when a note is received track 5 will be triggered at the same time.

problem is that the slave triggering only seems to happen when i manually play the notes using the 16 step buttons when i was hoping that the notes i placed in the sequencer would do the same.

is that clear? thank you!

Two remote possibilities, depending on your setup:

  • You might check your GLOBAL > CONTROL > CONTROL OUT 1 menu to see whether SEQUENCER has been set to “OUT”.

  • What’s the audio signal source for Track 5? Is there any audio playing when you try to manually trig the reverb?