Sequence Jomox MBase 11 through Octatrack


Is it possible to control a Jomox MBase 11 Analog Bass Drum module with midi through the octa track.

I’m having trouble using the octatrack as a midi controller for the Mbase 11.

The setup is that the mono audio of the MBase11 is sent to a Mackie mixer. The Mackie mixer sums the mono signal into a stereo signal. This stereo signal of the Mackie is sent to the input A/B of the Octatrack.

So far so good. When i trigger the Mbase on the Mbase itself i hear a incoming stereo signal on the Octa track.

Next is Midi: A midi cable is connected to the Midi out port of the octatrack. The other end of this midi cable is plugged into the midi in connection of the Jomox Mbase 11. On the Octatrack when i press the midi button all midi tracks show an x. I seems that the MBase 11 isn’t recognised through midi

The Jomox midi channel for sending and receiving is channel 1. No other midi cables are connected. The auto channel on the octatrack is off.

Here is the config:

In the sync menu on the octatrack:
Transport send is on, receive is off:
Clock send is on, receive is off.

Program change send, is on channel 1
program change receive, is off and set to auto.

CC Directy connect in the midi seqeuncer is on.

On my roland Juno-Gi the Jomox MBase can be controlled through Midi. On the Octatrack i can’t control the Mbase 11 through Midi.

The Midi channel for sending and receiving on the Jomox is one channel.

Also i have tried to performe a sysex dump of the Jomox on the Octatrack. Is this possible and what are the consequences?

Any help is highly appreciated…

Thanx in advance



maybe this could help. After pressing the MIDI button doublepress the PLAYBACK (NOTE) button.
Now you should see the Midi Note Setup.
There you can select the the Midi Channel with the encoder. It should be the same as in the mbase settings.
It has to be confirmed by pressing YES.


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Hi Rudy,

I sequence my Jomox MBase 01 from my Octatrack all the time.

Here is my setup:

MidiCh: 16
Split Mode: Sn1

Press Midi chose a Track, press Function+Playback.
Chose Ch 16 with pot A then press pot A to confirme!!!
Press Playback and chose Note C 2 with pot A.

Press Function+Mixer and go to Midi sync.
Set everything to off .
Clock and Transport signals lead to note hickups and you don’t need them
anyway cause the MBase is sequenced only by incoming midi notes.

When back in Midi mode double press Effect 1
turn pot c to cc#107 EQ press pot C to confirme!!!
pot D cc#104 Pulse
pot E cc#105 Noise
pot F cc#106 Attack

Double press Effect 2
pot A cc#100
pot B cc#101
pot C cc#102
pot D cc#103

Don’t forget to press the pot after you have chosen a cc#,
otherwise the OT will forget your settings!!!

You have to check if the midi cc# have changed from my MBase generation to yours.
The mBase 11 may offer even more parameters to controll via midi cc.

Press Exit/No to go back to Midi Sequence mode
Press Effect 1, Press Function+Pot A to activate cc send for this controller.
Do the same for Pots B,C,D.
Now do the same to activate the controllers on Effect 2 page.

Now you are able to controll the Attack portion of the Kick from Effect 1
and the main parameters from Effect 2.

You can even P lock your parameters for very expressive analog Kick frenzy.

I hope i was able to help.

Let them PA systems rumble.

Best Gene


Hi Gene,

Thank you forever! Your explanation was part of the solution. The rumble has started :slight_smile:

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That’s good to hear.

It would great to have a CC midi table for the Mbase 11 like:
cc#104 Pulse
cc#105 Noise
cc#106 Attack…
Do you now where we can get these magical numbers and functions?


Midi CC for Mbase 11:

Tune CC# 100
Pitch CC# 101
Decay CC# 102
Harmonics CC# 103
Pulse CC# 104
Noise CC# 105
Attack CC# 106
EQ CC# 107
Compression CC# 113
Gate Time CC# 114
Metal Noise CC# 115
Volume CC# 117
LFO Sync CC# 120
LFO One Shot CC# 123
LFO Intensity CC# 121
LFO Rate CC# 122

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Maybe read page 15 of its Operating Manual?

Update :
I just had a little midi tempo filter box made for me by “touchprone” on ebay Australia. He dosn’t have this on his page, just message him and he’ll sort you out (I’m not associated with him, just putting it out there).
The problem it seems with the Mbase II is it dosn’t like tempo. You could turn it off on Octa but I need it for other gear.
Note, he said it wont work with Machinedrum or Monomachine as they dont send power over midi, but I’m sure he could make a powered version (I might ask him now).
Ahhhhh, Mbase love is back :heart:

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i was lucky and found that an old piece of gear i have just happens to filter the midi clock on the out but not the thru so everything goes through that. But it’s good to know about that guy - one day im going to want an elegant solution


I was just speaking with him and he said he could make a version (midi tempo filter) that injected power. So it would work with machinedrum and monomachine, mk1’s.

Does anyone remember a while back there was a forum post about this or something similar, where sending midi CC data seemed to fix something in the Mbase?

yeah it is out there. read it when i got mine and ran into immediate problems.

can’t find it right now

But I noticed if you send continuous CC (e.g. use to to keep sending something) it somehow stops the mbase getting stalled by midi clock.
I assume you choose a CC that it doesn’t use.

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Yeah that works, but you cant “play” the mbase (chromatic mode) via the Octa keys (or machinedrum). It only trigers every few hits you make. With this midi tempo filter I have it works 100% now.
(Just checked, seems you cant send program change.)

Edit; you could just map the relevant cc’s and “create” the new patch on a new midi track.

You can also use a trigger pulse sample out the cue out to the trig input and use the midi port on the jomox for CC edits only. waste an audio track and gain a midi track mind…

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My issue was, you cant live trigger the mbase.

Hi Gene, I do have a similar setup but using the Digitakt. Did you also get to do programme changes from the octatrack to the jomox?

Has anyone else had a problem where you are sending cc changes to the Jomox (say cc101 for pitch) with a free running LFO, the Jomox won’t let you navigate to another parameter menu? When you press the down button to try and navigate to a different parameter menu, it flicks straight back to the pitch menu. I have to stop the cc messages by ‘muting’ the midi track from the OT- not just stop the sequencer as the LFO keeps running.