Sensitive push knobs on the Octatrack MKII


I haven’t found this “issue” on the internet yet, so I’m trying my luck in this forum.
I find that the pushing function on the knobs of my Octatrack are extremely sensitive… I have a hard time to press them without rotating it slightly. This is especially annoying when I try to un-assign a parameter from a scene: I press the knob to un-assign but due to the slight rotation the Octatrack is re-assigning it again. Sometimes I have to press a couple of times to get it right.

So Im wondering, does anyone else have this? Is it because of badly produced mechanics of my Octa? Or is this just a matter of getting use to it?
To make a comparison: I don’t have this problem at all on my Digitone, and they share quite similar knobs.

Thanks for reading!

yes - I find this on various devices and/or parameters

No - just a bit of fine tuning on the algorithm which listens to the two potentiometer lanes which are out of phase on these ‘encoders’ - rather endless potentiometers (or sin/cos pots)

It’s an OS thing, some places it’s just too tricky to press

You can improve the press a bit with patience, but that’s not the point, it’s not too easy to guarantee that in the heat of the moment


Hi ! Same issue here !
If it’s an OS issue, how can we solve it ?

To be blunt, I think it’s a case of us users collectively agreeing/documenting/reporting (to support) which parameters on which pages are demonstrably not geared well for reliable user input and then collectively crossing fingers … no small task !

Yes. I find it especially fiddly on the MIDI track settings. 99% impossible to use the push without changing values, either when selecting a field to change or trying to deselect a field. I’ve started pressing YES to deselect.

Reminds me: I want to file a feature request to let me use the up/down and/or left/right keys on the MIDI track setup fields… like Program Change etc. It’s too hard to use the encoders on those fields reliably, on my mkii.