Sensel Morph


Promoting the Morph for drumming, Sensel has a video showing the use of sticks and mallets on the drum overlay.

They also have drums sampled (Exhale) from a MicroBrute for Live and Bitwig – gratis.


Sensel will be at Superbooth 18 in early May.


Just completed a survey from Sensel with new overlay ideas. One of the ideas was a hexagonal isomorphic music keyboard – laid out where triads and common four note chords get grouped into movable shapes. They had a single slider with it like for modulation, or pitch bend.

I like the idea of being able to get this, at overlay prices ($35).


Anybody have experience with this?
If so, what are your general thoughts and how is it holding up?


You must be talking to me – i think i’m the only person here using the SM. All alone with this and the Palette Gear stuff, which is really good too.

Palette Gear

I like being able to do custom interfaces.

The Sensel Morph
Definitely rugged. The quality is great. Software is very good. Very sensitive and precise interface.

They are innovating – doing MPE (with any overlay) and Max interface, or the stand-alone kit.

Wish there were more Overlays. I think they will be making more but not sure. Wish there was an easy way to make your own silicone Overlay’s or a service to make customs. But you can use the Innovator’s Overlay it just doesn’t have the raised buttons and the feel.

Changing overlays is incredibly fast and easy as the magnets makes it so you can practically toss the overlays on and they lock to position and automatically identify themselves. Really well done.

Obviously baked into the design is that there is no visual feedback from the interface other than the LEDS at the top, so compare this with the iPad/Android interface apps (Lemur etc) that give visual feedback.

I would not recommend the Piano Overlay, although this is my personal reaction. I don’t like the size, they squeezed two octave into a space that is like an octave and a key in standard key space – i’d rather there be a standard sized one octave keyboard with a modulation slider. (The Piano overlay does do MPE though.)


Just got one of these. Can the overlays be purchased in UK or even Europe? Bit of a pain having to order from the states


Buchla Thunder Overlay

West Coast MPE anyone?


Available in April. But they take pre-orders now. I’ve pre-ordered.

This is done in conjunction with Buchla.

The overlay costs almost twice the price of the standard overlay, but i think that is because they bundle it with Arturia - Analog Lab Lite and Bitwig’s Studio 8-Track.


I got those with my sensel and think they’ve been free with for a while.

Might be more expensive because of the collab, maybe some profits are split.

Tempted to grab it myself


@Jukka @muzka

So how you guys liking your morphs? What are you using them for? I want a small MPE controller to use with Bitwig and I’m contemplating trying one of these or a Seaboard Block. Or a Joué when I win the lottery… :wink:


Wow. This is pretty darn cool. I’m intrigued, to say the least. I didn’t know the company is based in Sunnyvale, California.


I haven’t ordered any midi overlays yet. I have the keyboard, gamepad and video editor ones. Planned to order the keyboard and MPC but holding of for the thunder now


A few different things.

Drum%20Overlay Finger drumming with the Drum overlay either to Live or to RYTM.
The Sensel Sound Packs are nice for this too.

Music%20Overlay Using Max (usually with Live) and the music production overlay.
I also have used that overlay with Studio One. I’ve done a little bit with UVI Falcon.

I use the Innovators overlay to work on some product ideas and painted my own interfaces. I won’t go into detail on that. I’ve used both the Raspberry Pi and Max for this. (Bright acrylic paint on thin paper canvas works under the Innovators overlay.)

I really like to hack around and make new interfaces to Live, using Max. I’ve been thinking about Bitwig (for the MPE) with this but haven’t taken the plunge. I’ve thought about the ROLI soft synths too, with the MPE, or even with Arché.

I like the freedom of a multi-function interface that needs no cords (via rechargable battery & Bluetooth) so i can put it on my lap or move it to a table or whatever. I have a Push 2, but again i like the mobility.

I’m disappointed with the piano overlay – it’s my problem, i like keyboards to be full size. I tried but have a Novation SL MkIII and a very nice piano action keyboard so the piano overlay is useless for me.
I’ve considered doing something with the Piano overlay more like a ROLI, but haven’t done it.

I’ve been thinking about the Buchla Thunder interface – most probably to Eurorack hardware, or maybe with Falcon. I’d be interested to see what Sensel does with the Buchla sounds.


American made, is another thing i like about the Sensel Morph.


With a staff consisting of what appears to be many immigrants, without whom ‘silicon valley’ would not be the place of innovation it’s been known for. :slightly_smiling_face:

This reminds me that I can’t find a decent Tamil restaurant in San Francisco. But in present day Sunnyvale, such delights can be found. You just need to know which strip mall to go to.


I wish here was a store in a strip mall where I could try all this stuff (Sensel Morph, Joué, etc.) out!


And they’re hiring – so you could go join them. They’ve grown a lot since i bought the Morph, i only remember about half a dozen faces the last time i looked at their About page. Innovative immigrants is another good thing about American made too.

The people they’re looking to hire looks to me like they have more products underway. A Mechanical, and an Electronics Engineer, and a Process Engineer (for manufacturing), and a Characterization Engineer (which i’d never heard of before – sounds like an experimental materials engineer).

Maybe a larger version of this. Or perhaps it’s something entirely different.


I might need to order a Morph directly because the cyber stripmall known as B/S/T too often ends in a cul de sac.


Oh believe me, I poured all over their about page. My interest is piqued, and I do have a personal interest in haptics, but little of the particular engineering skills they’re currently seeking.


On their careers page:

Sensel technology will have ever-increasing applications over years to come , including wildly different form factors - non-planar, human shaped, glove, wrist, distributed, large area….and different domains - mobile consumer electronics, medical, automotive, and more yet to discover.

Plus they mentioned touch pressure sensitive displays.

So this is just the beginning.

(What would you do with a pressure sensitive human shaped thing?)


You could try the demo - you can do everything except save (you can even save presets and render clips if you really want to).

Bitwig is the reason I’m keen on trying an MPE controller. I’m thinking that I’m going to bite the bullet on a Seaboard Block and give it a chance. If that leaves me cold I can always try the Sensel Morph, I guess!