Sending Digitakt Overbridge multi-tracks out to audio interface outputs. Latency?

I was thinking of running my digitakt in overbridge in Ableton Live, and then having ableton send the individual sounds to outputs on my sound card, then those sounds would go into my mixer and be mixed with synths that the digitakt would clock, send midi to. This is so I can work on music live, and have ableton running in the background in set and forget mode, probably capturing a stereo mix as I work.

Is there going to be a huge latency here. I can get decent latency through my soundcard and with overbridge in Ableton, the digitakt is reasonably tight.

Am I missing a step here, maybe having the midi go through Ableton to the synths with an offset to tighten up timing?

Should work if you utilize track delays to line up everything on grid. Or you could indeed also route midi through Live, when you put the External Instrument Device on those midi tracks, they’ll be automatically latency compensated. For any delay introduced by those synths (which Live cannot detect/compensate for) use the ‘Hardware Latency’ parameter on the External Instrument Device.


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Hi Digitakters,

I have a similar questions
Please see my diagram

I would like to send midi to 3 synths, that will go to a good sound card then ableton
I also want the digitakt to connect via USB AND live playback and recording to 8 separate tracks

What are the steps involved in setting up track delays? What setting should I put on the external instrment device?

Is there going to be noticable latency when playing back sounds and doing live drum programming on digitakt? Whilst sending MIDI from Digitakt to synths?