Sending CC and NRPN at the same time

I am controlling my Novation Circuit with the DT which can receive CC for some of its setting and some NRPN for other settings, is there a way that for the DT to send both CC and NRPN or you can only send one or the other?

So I read:

That would be for any device that receive NRPN? So it will take 4 CC message, but then I will be able to control all NRPN by selecting different settings in the CC control page? Or I have to use 4 cc parameter for each NRPN setting I want to change?

Anyway - will try that tomorrow and figure it all out.

Theoretically, you can send as many different CC and NRPN messages as you want, within your 8 controllers per track / 8 tracks limit. A CC is just one controller, an NRPN needs 4.