Sending alternate backing track to drummer


I’ve been reading through tutorials and the forum and can’t quite find an answer to this.
I want to be able to send the backing track synced with a shaker loop to my drummer (doesn’t want to play to a metronome click), and have the backing track and no shaker loop sent to the house amps. I’ve been playing around with slots but I don’t think those will work for this purpose. If anyone has any insight into this so I can avoid pulling the rest of my hair out I would be eternally grateful :heart:


Use the cue outs in studio mode


Studio mode or not. It just changes mute / display behavior.
Headphones out can be used too, selecting CUE mix.

CUE and MAIN outs roles can be inverted. You can assign LEVEL to crossfader, not CUE.


Studio mode gives you independant mixes (separate level control) for mains and drummer


Separate level control for MAIN and CUE in STUDIO or NORMAL mode.
Once again, just a display / mute behaviour difference.


As per the manual (and that’s how it works in my set-up too)

• NORMAL will make the cue outputs function normally, meaning a track will be routed to the cue outputs when [CUE] + [TRACK] is pressed.
• STUDIO will disable the normal cue functionality. Audio tracks can now be routed to the cue out-puts as if they were a standard pair of assignable outputs. Each audio track gets two independent LEV settings, one for the main outs and one for the cue outs. Adjust the LEV setting for the main outputs by turning the LEVEL knob. Adjust the LEV setting for the cue outputs by pressing [CUE]and turning the LEVEL knob. Muting a track while STUDIO mode is enabled will mute the sound from both the main and cue outputs.


So? Is there any contradiction with what I wrote?

In both modes you set levels the same way. In Normal mode you have to unmute / mute CUE with CUE+TRACK.


As far as I know, there’s no independant level control for cue and main out per track in normal mode.


Just try it.


Will do (I use it all the time)… but tomorrow!


Can confirm independent track level setting for cued tracks in normal mode…:slightly_smiling_face:
I use it regularly…


Ok , seems like there are multiple ways to send out a cue to the drummer, signal flow isn’t really my main question. I’m just looking for the simplest way to have 2 samples, one the backing track the other the shaker loop, playing at the same BPM. Seems like I will need two static machines for this, and then change the BPM manually for each song?


If I understanding correctly what you want to achieve…,

If you know the original bpm of the backing track and the shaker loop, enter them into the attributes section of the audio editor and press yes so that there’s an arrow pointing at the bpm which indicates it has priority over the trimed sample or looping sample portion length. If you don’t know the bpm but know it’s a certain amount of bars for either the trim or loop length, enter accordingly and press yes so there’s an arrow pointing at that value again indicating that parameter has priority. Set both samples timestrectch to normal or beat, I usually just use normal but you might experiment to find if one is better…

Now you can set the OT bpm to the backing track bpm, and the shaker should be timestretched in sync, if all goes well… Since backing track has timestretch on you should be able to change bpm and have stuff still in sync, best audio quaility will be at the backing tracks original bpm…


The volume display is misleading here. In studio mode it always shows both volumes, while in normal mode it shows the cue volume only when you press [CUE].


Yes, I stand corrected, cue+level sets a separate track level for cue out in normal mode too. Just a question of display and mute. One of those “just to remember this is a deeeep machine” moments :wink:


Well, that actually was your original question, and we replied to it. Anyway it was formulated like if you were asking for a routing solution… never mind