Send Midi CC's with No Trigs

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I checked the forum an the manual but couldn’t find an explicit answer. I assume that this can’t be done but thought I’d check.

I am sequencing a synth an set up CC’s for cutoff, resonance etc an all works fine. However I want the CC’s to be sent without being tied to a trig - an example is that I have set all CC’s an have a nice starting patch but I still want to tweak it so I don’t want the CC’s being constantly reset by being tied to a trig. The problem is when I power cycle the CC’s are still there but only send to the synth if I turn each encoder. Hope that makes sense?

@sezare56 I assumes you must know :wink:???

You can send all default CC values with double stop (under certain conditions it doesn’t work).

Default CCs values are all sent :
After power on/cycle
Project load/reload
Part change (depending on channel changes, CC changes, if you double stopped, sleeped well, :scream: )
Midi channel change (only for active track)

All similar consecutive CCs are not sent.

If you have plocks, non plocked trigs send the default value (unless similar) after plocks.

You can use a separate track. If 2 tracks share a CC, the track with higher number can’t send that CC.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t have the CC’s locked to any trigs - I should have mentioned that but didn’t realise myself until your post. So there is note data but no CC data.

I have tweaked the CC’s separately using just the encoders so they are not locked to the sequencer.

Hmm I will try this out.

So you want to send CCs once?
What about a 1st trig condition on a trigless?


Yes! That’s what I want. The synth has no patch memory so the CC’s are essentially like storing a patch.

This totally works with no CC’s on the sequencer, thanks you! This is perfect. Damn I wish I had figured this out last night - dunno how many other things I tried, doh! Stoked.


I can’t send CCs again with double stop. :thinking:
Edit : works again…don’t know why…
I edited my first post, it’s more complicated than I thought.

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That’s strange caus I usually double stop the transport as a habit but was not the case last night!!! Sometimes I find gremlins in the order of powering on devices - could’ve been that.
Thanks again tho - OT guru :+1:

edit: I replied before reading your amended post. This makes more sense now!

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Actually I don’t understand why sometimes you can send all CCs systematically with double stop, and sometimes not. It can work again after a part change. Seems buggy.

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Double tap behaviour indeed sometimes seems buggy. Once my OT wouldn’t send program change with double tap (don’t remember if ccs worked fine), had to use midi notes setup menu to send pc. I often double tap stop button to reset my synths during tweaking sessions or for recording.

It worked again the next day…

OT sometimes acts weird, power cycling always solved any weird behaviour so far, though.


Btw, after a power cycle, I couldn’t send CCs with double stop. :sketchy:
For information I used different parts, midi channels, patterns, banks.

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Hah I guess I’m gonna need to test this more extensively as I never power cycled the OT when I had it working there. Unplugged all that stuff for tonight. Stoked that it will work tho!