Send audio from Ableton to Analog 4 for FX with Overbridge


I want to use the A4 for processing drums from an ableton track.

How can I do this with Overbridge and ableton?

I have set up overbridge and receive all 4 tracks on separate ableton tracks but how do I send ableton audio to add FX and filter?

OB Manual p. 25

In addition to the outputs, the Analog Rytm and Analog Keys/Four plugins also have four stereo (L/R) inputs. Use the input routing functionality if you want to route audio (from, for example, a regular software plugin or an external instrument jacked into your DAW) through a voice on your Overbridge device, for example, to treat the audio to some analog processing. This functionality is sometimes called Sidechain input routing.

Click INPUT ROUTING at the top of the plugin window to open the INPUT ROUTING menu.

Click one of the eight boxes, then select which destination you wish to route audio through. You can even route your audio to two separate destinations at the same time.

Any audio track on your Analog Rytm or Analog Keys/Four instrument may be set as a destination: Main L, Main R, Main FX L, Main FX R or Track 1–12 on the Analog Rytm. Main L, Main R or Track 1–4 on the Analog Keys/Four.


I used the manual however I cant get the drums processed in A4.

I have sent the drums from ableton to sidechain 3/4 and on OB input routing 3/4 has Trk1 assigned however no sound.

I also have the Trig on Trk1 selected.

I managed to do it. A long way round :woozy_face:

See below link

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