Seller feedback


A very straightforward and friendly partial trade of an Analog Keys for an A4 with haiku-ish. Overseas too.

Great experience, no problems.



same here :slight_smile:
great transactions with Padevil and Kusalamati !


Bought an octatrack from user BOLANDROSS.
Good communication, good packing. I would not hesitate to buy from him again.


Bought an Analog Four from Nein. Very good condition, great value and he was very easy to communicate with. Great guy. Next day delivery too so overall I’d highly recommend buying off this user.




A very friendly, straight-forward deal, lots of pics and communications.
Excellent packaging and additional samples and printed manual.

Very cool, thanks again :wink:


Just sold my Octatrack to Henry Oakley. Lovely chap to deal with and paid promptly; highly recommended trader.


I’m fairly new here, but my comment is about a more established member. I wanted to just say that I just got an OP1, OPLab and a couple of aluminum stands from a member here, Artsutanov. First of all, the price was awesome, in my humble opinion, he cut me a damn good deal. The OP1 and OPlab equipment was flawless, without fingerprints even, seriously looked like I bought new stuff from the local music store. He packed it to survive a nuclear war. And despite the fact that my Paypal was being a fussy little bitch, he was totally cool with everything. We emailed back and forth a bunch, and it was totally cool getting to talk to another forum member for the most part, so this was pretty much the best online purchase I’ve ever had. I’m pretty fortunate that I’d been looking for an OP1 at this time, because Artsutanov totally hooked me up with some fantastic gear at a reasonable price, and at time when the prices of new stuff is shooting through the roof. Seriously though, I’ve seen ‘new’ guitars in worse condition than this ‘used’ synth’!!!


I sold my monomachine to SohoSix last year and everything was perfect, except that I missed my monomachine. So a few weeks ago, he kindly sold it right back to me. Double happiness!


klerc is a great seller. fast shipping and great communication.
I’ll happily transact with him in the future, given the opportunity.

Love the SFX-60+ MkII !!
Ahhhh. plus drive… finally.


A pleasure to contact with cube48 … great seller.
Very comunicative, all it was easy going and very patience to all my newbie question. :joy:

Recomended seller.


zfigz is a standup gentleman who exhibited great communication, and timely service. It would be a pleasure to buy from him again.


bought an octatrack off chris hunter
arrived quickly , great condition, extra mem card , good price :slight_smile:



I bought an Analog Four in superb condition from Eraser. He was amazing to deal with from start to finish. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him again or recommend others to do so. Top man.


Brought a Strymon Time line from kusalamati aka Dave very smooth transaction a true gentleman highly recommended.


just got my octatrack from avlnchrs. Postal service took a while to ship it to me, but avlnchrs was on top of things with their customer service and made sure everything was alright. Octatrack looks as good as new. Will do business with again.


Smooth deal with ehreck.
Love this MDUW+!!!


much kuddos to jora who sold me a blofeld recently. easy/painless transaction.

highly recommended!


Great dealing with you too, enjoy :+1:


I just bought a Moog Werkstatt and expansion board from rgraphic. Shipping was fast and the items were in perfect condition. Great seller!


Bought an Analog RYTM from Bongsau.
RYTM was exactly as described and delivered quickly.
Excellent stuff…Cheers