Seller feedback


Brilliant doing business with you @OverUnity


@OverUnity brought my virus ti2. Very fast payment and brilliant to deal with


I bought an octatrack off @re_i a while ago. Great doing business with him and a lovely chap took the time to explain some basic features. Recommended!


Just bought a Digitone from @mickeyziggyk - great person to deal with, and the Digitone arrived super quick. Thanks very much Mike!


Bought an Op-z from @YloopZ, fast transaction, mint unit, speedy conversation.

10/10 would by again.


Thanks for the feedback, hope you’re still getting on well with the Octatrack! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Manolo for your prompt replies and payment. Nice to do business with you. Have fun with your newly required gear!


traded my ARmk1 to @Aen for his DT. he was great – would sell/trade again. (this was in august 2018)


sold my ERM Multiclock to @papx after a little negotiation I got instant payment and shipped that day for him, nice and easy to deal with, all good.


@seanskay: Excellent seller. Immediate shipment - received very next day!