Seller feedback


Bought an ALM Akemie´s Castle from @Diskette in perfect condition as promised. Great communication & fast shipping.


@clickclack777 was a pleasure to sell to! Good stuff.


@BoBSwanS sold me a KMI 12Step, everything was perfect and the item arrived very nicely packed! Thanks again


No worries @tsutek It was an easy and trouble free transaction. Thanks again


@tjk144 sold me his Machinedrum MK2 UW+.
Item as described and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you mate.


Sold my Machinedrum MK2 UW+ to @Nikarga - great communication throughout, prompt payment, and a pleasure to deal with :slight_smile:


Bought a Yamaha QY700 sequencer from @geecen

A very pleasant and quick transaction: well packaged, fast shipping, and arrived in excellent working order.


Cheers Greg. :slight_smile:


sold my digitone to @Sledge - everything went smooth and nice person to deal with :+1:t2:


Bought a Digitone from @nionmu ^^, it was packaged so well and he was a pleasure to deal with. A thoroughly recommended seller.


I bought an Analog Keys from @nuuttipukki (Adam) some 2 weeks ago and after some back and forth on Facebook video calls, everything went down smooth. Payment, shipping, the lot. The AK is in good shape. Thanks!


Bought a Nord Drum 2 from @jeye_musik.
Fast shipping, good packaging, great communications, and a nice guy too.
Highly recommended.
Cheers John, pleasure buying from you. :slight_smile:


I’ll just return the compliment to @Lampmeister as it was a very pleasurable transaction, no hassle and all round good result for all concerned! Equally highly recommended!


Met @bambrose to trade a pedal for his Blofeld. Had a quick pint and chatted about gear etc, nice guy.


Cheers @OverUnity dude. Likewise, really good to meet a like minded soul and exchange boxes.
Spent most of today in delay heaven


I sold some Roland Micro Composers to @t and as anyone who has dealt with either of us would know, the entire experience was filled with a shared affection for clever old gear and copious bubble wrap. :slight_smile:


Just bought a Digitakt from @Erwinn on here, great transaction and communication, recommend this guy for future purchases

Sev :wink:


Thanks @sevrin, equally recommend you as a buyer: easy communication, fast payment, I hope you’ll enjoy the machine!


I sold my A4 MK1 to Enthalpi, he was fast on communicating and I’d happily make business with him again.


I just bought a OTO Bim from @josker it came packed like a bankbox.


Always a pleasure @Finns - would recommend doing business with this gentleman to anyone.