Seller feedback


Just received a Nektar Panorama P1 from @KaOsphere. Quick delivery, well packed. Great communication. Perfect transaction really. Highly recommended.


Had a nice chat with @rennweg while picking up my new A&H Qu Pac in great condition for an even greater price tag. Thanks a lot mate!

Can highly recommend buying from this 'Naut.

Now the fiddling begins. Spare time, anyone? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Bought a mint nord drum from @TheFutureThoughtTapestries

Swift delivery, packaged well, great comms.



This is very late, but I purchased a MnM MKII with +Drive from @Greatexpectations back in September 2017 and the transaction was smooth, product was as described, and was in excellent condition with all original contents.


Thank you to @NUoldNu for a friendly, hassle free Sale.

He bought my Nord Drum.

You can sell to him with confidence.


I bought @Ray-Ray_Velouria 's AK, promised to take good care.
Deal went smooth, he put a lot effort into finding a suitable packaging and parcel service.
Sending stuff from the UK is hella expensive.
Also some goodies in the package, overall the best deal I could have made. Absolutely satisfied.

Would always buy again, can highly recommend.


Pleasure to sell to @Augenadler - and helped me out with aforementioned postage - we got there in the end buddy :wink: Great guy, paid really promptly, and we’ve had some good music chat too - great buyer, was a pleasure!


I got a digitakt in perfect condition from @willi_werkel. Shipping was superfast and nice communication!


sold my op-1 to @beef , he even came and got it… really appreciated , good to chat with to.
i think he’s off to buy an ipad after showing him how good they can be for audio.


Likewise, @re5et is an absolute top bloke. Hospitable, knowledgable, wonderful taste and with a seriously jealousy-inducing collection of gear. Time to figure how how on earth to use the OP-1. Thanks again man!


want to leave some good karma for @KaOsphere for being reliable and awesome


brought off @DavyP fast delivery and excellent prices


Sold to @Stumm42 @drNate @stephengardener

All reliable buyers with prompt payment and communication.


bought @KaOsphere 's digitone, package was on the road within 24 hours of the first Message, arrived today, very well packaged and in immaculate condition.

10/10 would buy again


Bought a Dreadbox Nyx from @maffman22 Really easy transaction, it was sent very fast and the whole thing was very smooth and quick, and seems like a top guy too. Can recommend!

Should also add - the Nyx is in fantastic condition too!


Bought @TheFutureThoughtTapestries’ DFAM. (Not the first thing I’ve bought from him.) Friendly and helpful as always.


Sold Digitone to @NUoldNu, perfect speedy business, great communication and would not hesitate to sell to such a friendly guy!
Enjoy fella!


Shout out @rotallytuined for selling me a beautiful digitone

Packaged superbly, next day delivery, great comms

Particularly enjoyed the included pictures of him in his swimwear…


Sell to @finalform with confidence.

He bought my DFAM and was totally fine when I seemingly turned up at his place unannounced.


Bought an Octatrack from @DavyP - great price, super easy to deal with, and fast delivery. Recommended!