Seller feedback


Bought an OP-1 from @Anfim - great guy, shipped at once, unit in excellent condition. Full marks to this guy.


Likewise, top buyer @andreasroman !


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Thanks again.

I appreciate you posting this information.


Nice and easy purchase from @acatcalledanarchy

Many thanks for the smooth transaction :slight_smile:


@Goseba - the pleasure is all mine!


Great and fast seller @undercoverbrother the modor is in perfect condition.

Merci beaucoup.


@robbbiecloset Bought a Make Noise skiff from me. Smooth transaction. Thanks again.


I bought a Toraiz AS-1 from @acatcalledanarchy. One of my best transactions in my 19 years of buying and selling, without exaggeration! :slight_smile: Item shipped quickly and arrived in like new condition, couldn’t be happier!


@ZX81 the pleasure is all mine, glad you’re happy!


I bought a Beatstep Pro from @phaelam and couldn’t be happier. Great seller.


Have just completed a trade with @OverUnity swapping an OT and my FS1r. It all went really smoothly, good communication through-out and all in all a great experience. A double thumbs up from me.

I realised also that I had neglected to thank @ghostly606 in this thread last year when I bought his eurorack case which was another no problems, good experience. So, another double thumbs up there too. Along with a sheepish apology for the delay.



Thank you @jeye_musik for this trade. Everything went smoothly with friendly chat throughout. I hope you enjoy the Octatrack.
This fulfilled 20 years of curiosity for the FS1r for me and it does not disappoint!



@richie just sold me an analog a4
Very easy transaction. Thanks :slight_smile:


Bought a MFB Dominion Club from @Anfim
Nice easy deal.
Arrived quickly and as described.
Thanks very much.


@Stan.Collins Thanks Dan, likewise, everything smooth!


Just recieved a Novation Peak in perfect nick, purchased from @Oblique . Great communications and quick to respond, all while the man is busy getting ready for impending fatherhood.

Happy to recommend him to others here.


Took a punt on a newcomer @Saltech and he was a pleasure to do business with, sold him my Zillion.
Sell with confidence to this guy!


Received a Future Retro Zillion from @rotallytuined in great condition, well packed and quickly posted, great comms etc. He invoiced me via Paypal and we split the fees - top guy!.


Received a sampling beauty in the form of an OTmk2 from @l_e_b_e_r in exchange for some ugly numbers on a screen.