Seller feedback


Missed the opportunity to do this! Forgot when I bought an Octa a few months back from @JohnWynberg - smooth transaction, great packaging and lovely person to deal with.


@Fraction_Industries just sold me an Analog Heat. Promptly shipped and as described condition. Superb transaction. Thanks Rob.


Bought a Parva from @cube48 a week ago and it was the best internet transaction I’ve ever had.

100% trust worth!


Bought some cables from @t - quick, well packaged and good comms.


Bought two eurorack modules from @Groof – communications was clear and prompt, package arrived quickly from across Europe and was well packed! Very pleased, thank you!


Bought a Machine MKII from @t and I’m very happy with it. Speedy, great packaging, great guy. Thank you!


Bought a BSP from @jinxmuch
The transaction went smooth as ice


Bought 2 pedals (El Capistan, Minifooger trem) from @_dspk
Arrived in good condition and fully working. (Only tested mono sources for now).

The transaction went smooth as glass.



I bought an Octatracak from @Hans_Olo
It was nice dealing with him, everything went fine, Octatrack is in a very good condition and the conversation was nice!


Bought a G2 engine from @tIB
Good condition, fast shipping, everything outstanding! Recommended! A+
Really happy with this, thank you @tIB! :slight_smile:


Likewise, Sid is an absolute gent!


Just bought a Ableton Live Suite license off @DJ_Now - very fast, pleasant and smooth transaction, and kudos to Ableton who processed the transfer request in less than 24 hours!


Purchased Digitakt and accessories from Artsutanov. Doesn’t get any better. Responsive fast communication, superbly packed taking care to look after it for the buyer and couriered it fast. It was perfect nick and all as he said about it. He is great to deal with.Thank you Artsutanov.


Thanks to @Motion for a really good transaction.

Friendly and prompt communications throughout and a genuine pleasure doing business with him.

A highly recommended buyer.



bought DRM1 mk3 drum machine from @seanskay
paid on sunday , sent on monday (he sorted out the courier ) , arrived tuesday , great condition , well packed , good price , good comms via email … very easy purchase.

only ‘work’ i had to do was send the money and open the door for the courier…

excellent… :slight_smile:


sold my vermona drm to @re5et, smoothest transaction imaginable and all turned around in hours, recommended


Digging the Man Amplified profile photo :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


Thanks. I went into my Wifes’ bosses office a few weeks back and he has the original image on his wall. He wasn’t around for me to ask him about it, but i’ll remind my wife to ask him.


Definitely Clock DVA’s finest album…:slightly_smiling_face:


Man-Amplified & Digital Soundtracks are my favourites.

Der Konstrukteur, 1924