Seller feedback


Did an ultra-smooth deal with @LyingDalai who not only paid very quickly, but is also a super nice guy to chat with. Will gladly do business with him again.


Completely forgot to mention it here, I bought an MD from @dubmo a few weeks ago. Everything went smoothly, the transaction was fast and the machine was in great state. Thanks again :wink:


I totally recommend @Hans_Olo for any deal, as the ultra-smooth character was primarily his own!
I trust him 100%.


One of my biggest qualms about living in the states is that I can’t do any business with @LyingDalai


sold elektrosluch 3 to @door – super easy and flexible. thanks


Feel free to buy something for me from @LyingDalai, you can then chat to him all you want. :smiley:


bought elektrosluch 3 from @nui – and let me tell you this:
in case you dig fair trades, honest deals and good communication, @nui is the guy!

he put his trust in a paypal-less weirdo like me who sent over a foxy lady with cash to pick up THE device, sooooo: RESPECT!

highly recommended


Just bought an A4 from @phonodyne. Great guy and a pleasure to deal with. Also turned out I knew him from a completely unrelated forum about 10 years ago!


I got a TR-8 from @Hans_Olo. The item is in perfect condition as described and came with the undamaged original box. Communication was fast and friendly - very recommended!


Sold my notoriously underused TR-8 to @phelios. Even though the deal took a little longer than usual due to my messing up the address label, he was patient and a pleasure to deal with. I’ll gladly do business with him again.


Bought a Volca FM from @Hans_Olo, couldn’t wish for a smoother experience.


Likewise. If my studio weren’t almost empty by now I’d be happy to do more business with @MVar.


Bought my dream synth - Moog Voyager - from @slcrz .

It was really easy, he let me play the synth for quite a bit, he’d kept it in fantastic condition, was completely honest and welcoming and we had a real nice chat too… and I also got to meet his very lovely family!

Would trade with him anytime!


Bought Monologue from @Artsutanov, perfectly described and packaged, thanks mate!


@ghostly606 You’re welcome mate.

Thanks for a stress free transaction.


Mint Digitakt from Hank_Astral.

Transaction was very smooth with plenty of updates from the seller and accurate descriptions and speedy delivery.



I have recently purchased a Bass Station 2 from @klerc

Good seller with quick shipment I recommend him :slight_smile:


I bought Mr @t 's surface pro 3. The sale couldn’t have went smoother. Two thumbs up!


Bought a Mackie Onyx 1620i from Artsutanov. Really nice chap.
Many thanks!


Met @OverUnity in a dodgy car park to sell him my Mackie Onyx. Found out we were VERY similar people.

It was a pleasure mate, thank you.

Enjoy the Onyx!