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Don’t know if this counts, but I’m Gojira7 on ebay, 100%:blush:


Thanks @tengig for a hassle free and friendly transaction. Much appreciated mate. I hope your sis enjoys her new toy, and appreciates her Brother.


I sent payment to @the_bug on Wednesday early morning my time and haven’t heard back.

What is the standard amount of time to wait for a response or an item shipped? I understand they’re in the UK so theres a time difference, but I at least expect a response of some sort even if its not shipped right away.

Anyone else have issues? Looks like they’ve posted a lot of stuff on here but no feedback.

Waited 72 hours and disputing with Paypal for refund. REFUNDED by seller.


Bought a Eventide Space from user @faxekondi. Nice person to interact with, great deal and great packaging. The unit is also in excellent condition as was advertised. big recommendation!


Just FYI, you can tag the person by using the [at] symbol right before their name- I think that helps link a name to an e-face and directs the readers eye to the name of the person

And just to inform the person of your positive feedback:


Have a great day :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing that out. I´ll keep that in mind for next time. I also fixed it.


Crap. i’m sorry… it’s not a new user :frowning: i always watch if it’s a new user at first but we never know except with regular user you talk here everyday :confused: damn (maybe he have good explanations) if you don’t have news report him here as bad seller


There’s two forum users (@PJO and @NoT) who actually paid for an Analog Rytm and Push 2 from @the_bug and he didn’t sent. Money was process through Paypal. I hope for them they get money back wyth Paypal.


Highly recommend @_dspk. Very nice deal on Organelle and Red Panda pedal. Excellent condition. Good explanations and advises…Thanks mate!

FS (EU) Digitakt , El Capistan and more (updated)

Just a heads up @the_bug made off with my $400 USD.

Edit - refund issued by seller. Not sure what happened or sellers intention to begin with.


That’s seriously bad news. Thanks for updating this thread. Such a shame that your trust has been used for someone else’s gain.


Both a Op-1 from user @Hans_Olo

Great seller, everything 5* :slight_smile:


Bought a mutable instruments Shruthi from @Zvuku. It came in excellent working condition. We had a pleasant, fast and hassle free transaction. Several days after paying I received my Shruthi in very good sturdy packaging I might add. High recommendation!


Bought an op-1 from @guerilla.
V pleasant to deal with. Answered questions quickly and delivered lighting fast.


bought a nord drum 2 from @nnbveh and got the unit in a well secured package and with all communication you can ask for (quick and with tracking-id). everything went like it should. thanks!


Did a trade with @nui for a precious Boardweevil! Everything as described and shipped quick from Germany to UK


same here. trade + money went smooth. very good experience to deal with @rmro, thanks!


Traded with @the_PMO, no problems at all - received quickly and as described.


bought a Ableton Push2 from @Hans_Olo. Very nice contact, quick shipping and everything perfect with the unit.


Sold my Push 2 to @Unifono, great guy and a pleasure to deal with.