Seller feedback


Yup, great transaction with @OBOLUS.


Had a nice n easy transaction with Dalski when buying his OP-1. Cool guy and great communication.


I sold my Octatrack to user finns recently. The experience was very pleasant and stress-free. Payment was prompt and the communication was nice and friendly throughout.

Would sell again :slight_smile: thanks!


I purchased a Minicommand from TwoBeautifulMen and everything is in perfect order. Fast communication and the unit arrived in less than 4 days! Would definitely recommend him to others here


Seller: LFO
Item: Shruthi XT

Shipped from France to the US. Well packaged with lots of bubble wrap.

Would buy from again.


great deal with supermighty.



Beware people, the former user known as @ademthein ( is a scammer !!!
If you have current business with him, you should drop it.


oh… Phew, close call then :disappointed_relieved:


Big shout out to @cube48 for a flawless trade/sale. Great comms and a very honest bloke. Cheers mate - enjoy that Linnstrument!


It was a pleasure to deal with @J0n35y. Smooth trade and friendly communication. I will be happy to make any deal with you again! Have fun with FS1R!



Beware people, the former user known as @benjie ( may be a scammer !!!
If you have current business with him, we would advise you take extra precautions or drop it to be safe.


Also, if at any point in the transaction, you feel unsafe or uneasy , please PM a mod, so that we can look into it.

Many scammers do not post solicitations, and will reply primarily to WTB ads.
Your PMs about sellers who refuse to provide references go a long way to protecting the community from scammers.


i bough a monomachine from movement and can only recommend him. Shipping was super fast, communication great and the parcel was packed super safe. thanks!


I sold a OTO BISCUIT to VonNaphoven and he´s a trusted buyer, no hassle, no BS and very fast bank transfer as soon as the deal was agreed.


Not sure if this is the right place, but I bought ringokidf’s Oto and it was a pleasant transaction all round, couldn’t be happier!


Just bought a Circadian Rhythms from @restlessboy and it was a great transaction, quick postage, well packaged, unit in tiptop condition (pun intended).
If I had any more money I’d do more business with him!


Made a trade with @sigel He was fast helpful and the packing was great. Trade/buy/sell with condfidence. 10/10


On the other side of the trade with @nedavine Everything went smooth. He was responsive to queries, at the same time patient when work / time zones got in the way of me responding as quickly as I would have liked.

The goods were well packaged and arrived earlier than expected, especially given the was an international transaction. Also 10/10.


Did a trade plus money with @Slypry . Units were packaged up well, and in the condition as described. We were able to talk on the phone throughout the process, and he always got back to me (text/email) right away. I would certainly recommend doing buying/selling/trading transactions with him.


@parmtree great partial trade experience with this fellow noise maker. I recommend him for trades, buying or selling. He is straightforward, honest and friendly