Seller feedback


Thanks so much Steve. (Baddcr).
Great selling experience here too.


I bought an Eventide Space pedal from @Holograms.

It was my first purchase on the forum and he made it a very comfortable one. He kindly guided me through the process and even included a video of the unit before shipping it.

Great communication, I’d definitely recommend him!


Thanks @dingusjack - excellent seller experience here as well. Prompt payment and great communication.


Just swapped my A4 for @Declutter 's MD. Couldn’t have asked for an easier, speedier, more amicable trade. Pleasure doing business with him. Cheers @Declutter!


And similarly thanks to @rikrak for a very smooth transaction. A safe pair of hands to do business with!


Bought an OP-1 from @maffman22. Swift, smooth, friendly and all arrived in great shape. Cheers!


Bought a Squarp Pyramid from @Gummi and I couldn’t be happier… easy and quick transaction, quick shipping, packed with care.


Bought a 2-tier bamboo stand from @datarelease and it was priced well, packed excellently, and we had very good communication the whole time. buy/sell/trade without hesitation.


as the seller, I can definitely say that @vasculator was an awesome buyer. prompt payment and great communication.


Need to leave a few cats some feedback

RhytmDroid - we did a trade and everything was perfect

bought datareleases FR Revo mk2, everything was perfect


@Artsutanov sent my new Volca Beats super quick and it is in fabulous condition. Thank you sir!


@ghostly606 Thanks for a fast & stress free deal. Cheers!


I swapped my MNM for @funqpatrol’s A4 and all is well. Item was as described, he was super easy to deal with and even threw in some extra stuff for free! Recommended, would def trade with again…


Swapped my A4 for @tyrone 's MnM, easy trade! Recommended.



I wanted to let you know and ask for advise. I was looking to buy from this guy:


Contacted him via e-mail, we’ve discussed and agreed the deal, and once I made him the payment (bank to bank) the guy disappeared.
Now it has been a week since i made the payment, and he has not replied back. I am afraid I was tricked.

Can anyone advise where would be best to report such cases? I have all our e-mails, his full name (if its not fake). I have already tried to make a charge-back
via my bank, but they told me that this has to be initiated by both parties and if one will not agree, I will not receive the money and be charged for the service instead.
Please help, thank you.


I’ve sold a lot of stuff here using bank transfer only, so I’m sorry that happened.
Wait another week, maybe something went wrong with the seller. Check the spam folder (you never know).
Otherwise I’m pretty sure your money is gone, sorry. I think you can’t do anything except report him to the police.


The question is, which country police i should contact as we are miles apart. Or maybe there are authorities specially responsible for such cases.


It depends on the laws in your country, but usually you can’t do much more except to report it, maybe you are not the first to be cheated by that guy. But it’s a mere formality.
If it’s in a different country I think there’s nothing to do.


Thanks for letting us know, @dariustn.

If anyone has had dealings with @olimusic, please let me or another moderator know.


Had a smooth-as-can-be transaction with @coreyappleby , who purchased my DSI evolver desktop.