Sell Me On The Octatrack

Hey Everybody.

I have pretty much read every piece of material on the octatrack, including the manual, but in reality one can never fully understand it until you have it. So i wanted to reach out to you guys to convince me to buy the Octatrack.

So My choices for a new piece of gear comes down to the following:

MPC Live


OP1 (not really an option due to waiting list)

OPZ (not really an option due to waiting list)


Machine MK3 (i own already)


So what do i want the new piece of gear to do?

PS i produce: deep house/tech house mainly, but also produce a bit of boombap and cinematic stuff.

Im looking for a daw in a box vibe, well at least 80% daw in a box, i dont mind finishing up tracks in the box.

I want a powerful sampler that i can take anywhere and have a 128gb card with a large library of samples.

From a Production point of view:

I want something that i can build songs and even albums on.

I want something where i can have a bank of c3 samples that i can sample across a chromatic keyboard.

I want something where i can build powerful drum kits.

I want something that can save all of the above to backup.

I want something that can do old school sample chopping boombap style.

I want something where i can build arrangements (complex ones)

I want something that i can build lets say an 8 track drum loops, then resample onto one track, then build a 4 track pad loop and resample onto one track etc.

From a Live point of view:

I want something that i can play stems on (traditional dj type set)

I want something that i can get in-depth with ie ( experimenting with song elements live)

I want something that is actually fun to play

I want something that is a total solution in a box for live gigs

User point of view:

I want something that takes me out the studio.

I want something that i can produce in bed with.

I want something to take me away from the computer.

So as you can see i am already gearing towards the octatrack, i just want the investment to be worth it

so any input any ideas any links to videos and reading material etc will be a massive help, thanks guys!!!

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Not Octatrack.
MPC Live perhaps.


MPC X or Live --> (Music Production Center)

and such a huge sample library (128GB) would be hard to flip through on an OT. Would be a killer of creativity IMO.

For creating a complete album I would prefer the X. More knobs to use with muscle memories and faster workflow :wink: Got a MPC 5k and love the facilities :smiley:

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would be tough to put the mpc x on my lap in bed haha

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Try it, not such a problem. I did it with my 5k and this old machine is heavier …

Wants: DAW in box.

Solution: get a DAW in a box, MPC Live.

The OT slays if you want something to use for exploration, sample based sound design and complex rhythms in a performance package.


The one problem i have with the mpc is that you cant stream straight from the hd, so even though you can put whatever harddrive in you are limited to the 2 gig onboard ram, which apparently the mpc os uses1,4 gig of it

Check out the deluge too, not everything you need but it’s a bad ass box.

you said it yourself … “streaming” … that means only a very small amount of the audio is goining to the RAM and after playing it, it’s deleted - or better - overwritten.

The OT does the same with it’s “static machines”. The audio data can be very huge, but the unit has only 85.6 MB sampling RAM … IIRC

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So am i wrong in understanding that you can stream “a Song” on a static maschine, beat match it the project and use the effects etc?

I might be wrong but I feel like the only point OT doesn’t fulfill is the 128 GB : it’s “limited” to 64 GB.
Apart from this, from my point of view it just crosses each requirement you listed.

Add a battery and you’re good to play anywhere.

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In sum, your requirements describe a laptop but you don’t want a computer.

It sounds like you won’t find what you want without acceptance of some limitations.

Ever hear the following saying? Pick 2 of the following but you can never have all 3 at once: fast, good and cheap.

I’m afraid you’ll have to make a similar choice here.

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I just said 128gb as an example, but 64gig is more then needed, when you say battery, are there options for this

Also can you guys give me an idea on the multi sample capabilities of the octatrack, can i load like c-2 to c-4 samples and create a multi instrument?

c-2 to c-4 is just an example

No … this is exactly what is possible. “Streaming” means “working directly from the Flash Card” and not from the RAM.

A static-machine can nearly do all those things the flex-machines do. Check the manual for differences.

  • flex-machine --> audio in RAM
  • static-machine --> all audio on Flash Drive and the needed amount in RAM

The audio for a static-machine can theoretically be as huge as the Flash Drive allows.

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No multisamples on the OT.

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So essentially you could stream song stems from the static machines to use as a pseudo dj box, then you could just load different stems whilst playing live?

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Why is the Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Sampling Workstation not on your list. Id have thought it would have been.

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You have 8 audio tracks and each can be used like you say. It would depend on your live playing workflow, whether it would work for you on the OT or not.

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I just think that from a production point of view the toriaz is very limited