Sell me on the Analog Heat

The other two same sized black boxes from Electron are rad, so why wouldn’t this one be?

Boom, Sold!

Do your masters come out pretty good now or at least better than before with the AH in the mastering chain?

This is good advice. Originally, I thought the Digitone was a stupid idea - as it was just a “FM8 soft synth in a box.” The online demos sound like Massive or Maschine presets. As time went on, the demos got better and I began to see the utility of a digital-sounding synth that could sequence some analog synths I had recently purchased last Black Friday. I love that machine’s MIDI sequencer paired up with the A4’s CV pitch sequencer. Long story short, good advice.

P.S. Digitone had a rich sound, not soft-synth like, which was a surprise. Heat might be surprising in a similar manner, if on the fence.

As somebody said - subtle but real improvement on master. Its an odd box for me, interesting because it tells me something about how little experience i have with an analog chain…one minute i cant get what i want and its all too noisy, then next minute after evaluating input and whatnot then its just a great lift and clean as a whistle hehe.


that is Elektron’s job and if their videos and audio samples didnt do it for you then either they failed, or its not for you.

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Hmm, I think this is reasonably possible. Reverting back to the saved preset is as easy as turning the preset knob one click and pushing down. Depending on how far you tweaked the knobs, there might be a noticeable jump/gap/dip in volume. It’s always worth a try though.

I was also thinking/wondering if holding down all 4 “page” buttons at the same time and pushing “no” would work too. Ever try that?

I watched the sonicstate demo and it looks like you can clear all pages at the same time.

So true. AH truly is a phenomenal device. YouTube demos simply cannot do it any justice because this machine is all about processing Your sounds. :slight_smile:


Ian Pooley reccomends the heat for cost/performance. He compares it against more expensive units and it stacks up well.

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EQ is also a nice thing to have, easily overlooked but very handy in a live setup when you have no direct access to the mix table…
And modulations are fun, especially envelope follower coupled with filter to react eg only on higher frequencies.
Plus you can save and recall your configurations!
Definitely a very nice tool, if you find sounds that suit your taste :slight_smile:

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how many memory slots?

128 user presets

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I think there are several banks of 128 presets on the AH, but as far as I’ve seen they’re only accessible via the overbridge program/plugin. If there’s a way to access them from the unit itself, that would be awesome! I tend to save a patch tailor made for each track I make.

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Do you mean you already maxed out the 128 presets available on the machine?

oh not yet, I’m at 52. I have several presets for some tracks. I can’t decide which setting i like the most sometimes :smiley:

Edit: the 52 patches include the ones that were already on there when I bought the AH.

I’ve only recently got an AH and have never used Overbridge, but isn’t this just the Total Recall feature of Overbridge? As I understand it, OB stores all the presets in your DAW project settings, and then restores them to the AH next time you connect it. But maybe I’m talking out of my ass, like I said, I’ve never even used OB.

I haven’t tried actually using the overbridge plugin, but I’ve heard the same thing you said. I just stumbled upon a dropdown list in the plugin that had all my patches on it, along with several banks of blank patches.

For those of you who didn’t know about this feature only available with the Overbridge plugin :

6.4.2 M/S MODE

The Overbridge plugin gives you the possibility to use the Analog Heat in M/S mode. This mode lets you treat the mid and side signals separately when you process audio. The Mid/Side audio content is generated from the audio from the Left/Right inputs.

• Mid consists of the sum of Left and Right. (Mid = Right + Left.)
• Side consists of difference between Left and Right. (Side = Right - Left.)

One of the advantages of this is that you have the possibility to preserve the center of the sound unaffected and just process the part of the signal that differs between the channels. The M/S mode greatly expands the control possibilities of what audio content to process.

• L/R, The channels are processed in a stereo configuration. Left and Right are processed in one analog channel each.
• M/S, The Mid and Side channels are processed in one analog channel each.
• Mid, Only the Mid channel is processed, and Side is left unaffected.
• Side, Only the Side channel is processed, and Mid is left unaffected.

The Mid channel goes through the physical left channel, and the Side channel goes
through the physical right channel.

The M/S Mode option and functionality is only available within the Overbridge plugin, and
not in the menus of the Analog Heat device.


…play it again, sam…


that glorious song about the most underated analog device from sweden…