Self-patched Cowbells with Machinedrum [video]

The EFM machines of the Elektron Machinedrum are simple frequency modulation synthesizers tuned with default settings for creating particular percussive sounds. Reducing or eliminating feedback and lengthening the modulation envelopes while carefully tuning the modulator and carrier frequencies allows them to be used more as general purpose FM tone generators.

This video examines a basic use-case of using the EFM cowbell to produce a simple but harmonically rich pattern, and a self-patching technique is employed to allow for more extensive audio processing via envelope input machines.

0:00 cowbell 1
2:48 cowbell 2
3:49 cowbell 3
6:44 self-patch
7:05 input machine 1
9:56 input machine 2
11:53 master FX
14:23 input machine 3
15:42 auditioning mutes
16:44 P-I kick
17:54 input machine 4
22:33 clap


Great stuff! :slight_smile: I never really got the usefullnes of the input machines, so very inspiring!

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