sEEDs an Album by Tchu

I’m really glad to present my 3rd Album called sEEDs. The Tracks were composed and performed this year on several Machines and Hardware FXs. This is my second release this year. I guess I fulfilled my goal of releasing something in 2022. Enjoy the Ride! :brown_heart: :black_heart:


Prolific year! Excited to put this on tomorrow morning. Congrats Tchu!

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Dude, you’re on fire :slight_smile: I love this. I kind of like it even more than your last release. Resonant Space is my favourite. I’d love that one on repeat without the beats, just going on and on and on …good good stuff, my friend. :heartpulse:



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Bnadcamp pinged me to say that you had another album out already, and I was amazed! I’ll take a listen later. Congrats!

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congrats! :slight_smile:

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I’ll give it a spin later tonight

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I’m listening to it now and it sounds great, congratulations!


Nice one, congrats @Tchu! This makes it three albums within a year, pretty neat!

Wishlisted the album for next BC Friday and will listen to it later tonight.

Will you be once again adding the list of gear that was used in each track?

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Thank you @korpinen! :pray: :orange_heart:

So true, I didn’t realize it. :rofl:

Thanks so much for the support!


Thanks so much @theartistisirrelevant for the support and for taking the time to listen and comment! :orange_heart: :pray:

Enjoy the ride @ringokidf, thank you!

Thanks a lot @Jeanne! :orange_heart: :pray:

Thank you @spikysimon, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride! :orange_heart: :pray:

Thank you @craig, I love the ‘‘clin d’oeil’’ to the title. :wink: :orange_heart: :pray:

I really appreciate your comments @circuitghost! I wish I could have the separate Layers of Resonant Space to send to you but I always record the whole Track Live in Stereo and I don’t think I kept the Project. :orange_heart: :pray:

Thank you @maymind_trax, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride! :orange_heart: :pray:

I have a lot of pressure for next year. :rofl: Nah, I never put pressure on myself to release something, that’s the beauty of being independent and free.


Perfect headphone music for walking my dog through my frozen solid neighborhood this morning. Great work once again!!


Great job, I really enjoyed this!

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This. Headphones are the best way to appreciate the whole process.

Thank you so much @Odo! :orange_heart: :pray:

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Thanks a lot @HoldMyBeer! :orange_heart: :pray:

A big thanks @scratch! :orange_heart: :pray:

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Oy! I wasn’t done listening to sTONEs yet! :laughing:

Congrats on a new release Tchu, looking forward to checking it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love it.
Sounds pristine, very well produced. And a great atmosphere

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I should have said : « Make 2 Albums with what I did this year » :joy:

Thank you @Nils! :heart::pray:

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Thank you so much @Unifono! It’s a pleasure to read these lines as I always want to offer something with the best possible sounding within my knowledge. :heart::pray:

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Still have to listen to it. But I have to say it warms my heart to see you replying to each comment, mostly knowing and appreciating who is giving you feedback! Good case for why this is a great community!

Oh, as you say you only have one stereo track in the end and play it live, I‘m curious about your songwriting and production process, if you are willing to share (or already have elsewhere).

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