Second Pair of Monitors

Hello Elektronauts,

i need an advice for getting a second pair of monitors.
I have Genelecs 8040 and use them now mainly for music listening, because they stand in the living room where i have my record collection.
My music making gear and computer are in an other room where i am working . sometimes with headphones and sometimes i would bring the monitors to the other room. I do not have any other speakers.
The idea is to buy now a second pair of monitors and have some of them always in both rooms.
I was thinking about Yamaha HS7 also because maybe it’s nice to test music i am producing on them. Or would you rather invest more money and buy something like Dynaudio BM5 MK III ?


So you know the 8040 sound. I like mine as monitors and would be disappointed for sure if I had to downgrade.

Get a second pair of 8040 or better get some 8050 for your living room. I don’t know the 8341A but their SAM could be interesting as well.

Don’t downgrade /downsize! :wink:

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i might get some funny replies but move the genelecs to the main studio room, and buy some JBL 4425’s or equivalent JBL Studio refs for the living room. Pretty flat sounding, and nice for a living space, would steer away from spending crazy money on monitors in an untreated living room, where you’re checking mixes or listening for pleasure.


Why necessarily studio monitors? Get yourself hi-fi for your living room!
I have Yamaha HS7 + Genelec 8020 in the studio, and Bower & Wilkins 602s3 in the living room and I enjoy having hi-fi at the end of the day.

Plus, I don’t recommend using Yamaha HS for a living room : they’re way too precise, spatially speaking, and the sound differs a lot depending of where you’re standing in the room (a looot more than the Genelec). An issue you don’t encounter with hi-fi speakers.

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I love my Genelecs (8030) but to my ears they were designed to reveal everything wrong with a recording. Not ideal for my listening pleasure but very effective for mixing.

If you really want your hifi speakers to double as reference monitors then just set your budget and go listen to stuff. It’s really very personal. I couldn’t mix a tune on Yamaha HS7’s to save my life, but that’s really just me. I found JBL LSR 305’s and 308’s to be great value for money.

Old passive monitors with a decent amp are the best value if you have the time and patience for the rabbit hole (Tannoy PBM 8 for 100$ now on Reverb, just an example)

Certainly, unless money is not an object, there is no need to invest in another pair of expensive reference monitors since you already have one.

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I had a pair of 802s3 in the old studio space. A respectable set of speakers.

I don’t know the the OPs living room, but I’d have to imagine near fields would be better to move to your creative space (and you are already familiar with them) and second making space for some enjoyable hifi in the living space.


…i don’t like genelecs that much…too hifi for real reference…
but any monitoring is only as good as u know them AND the room they’re in…

so i’d also suggest, get something else for the living room and take the gen’s with u, to ur studio room…set them up in perfect sweetspot triangle, know them for real in a fixed sourrounding, add a good pair of reference headphones and work it out…

while most music is heard/consumed on jbl and bose etc. like stuff…
that’s not too much money to spent but perfect real world cross reference…

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for your replies, it all makes sense!
I guess i‘ll look for something in the hifi corner

Out of curiosity - What would be your recommendation in this segment?

most jbl 43/44xx series, klipsch heresy’s, old altec shit if you can afford it and set it up right…

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…can’t really recommend something here…in those rare moments i really just wanna listen to music for fun in any kind of living room background experience, i use an ordinary bluetooth speaker, connected to a laptop or phone, to be honest…latest is a boom 3…not very hifi, but a damned good bluetooth box… :wink: