Second Hand Digitakt


Hi I’m looking into buying a digitakt, and the recent price increase has made me look at the second hand market. Is there anything I should take into account when buying used? Licence transfer etc?



When you turn it on, hold FUNC then you can chose to do a test for any errors.

They are still within the three year warranty period, so if there’s any issues with the unit (that aren’t caused be precious ownership) then Elektron will likely honour it. I say likely as I don’t work for, or represent Elektron, so cannot offer an guarantees.


Thanks. Appreciate the quick reply.


Yeah you get 3 years warranty from manufacture date regardless of who it’s licensed to. I have one for sale btw :wink:


If you’re in the UK feel free to message me.


I’m just here to say congratulations on your new (old) Digitakt. It’s an awesome instrument!


Not quite there yet, but I’m looking forward to getting it. Thanks