SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload

@void, We miss you!
Come back to us! :smile:


I guess I offended some people by saying Void took money and continues to take money for software and then stopped supporting it. That’s just the truth. I spent over $40 on his stuff, had issues immediately which he acknowledged and said he would fix but never did.
His stuff is still for sale despite not really working for my devices and many others’.
I personally find that to be dishonest. Life is tough and things happen which is understandable BUT continuing to sell unsupported software is wrong. Look above and you’ll see people who bought it and then found out it doesn’t work.
Flag if you must but you are only abetting a dishonest practice.

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Are you within suggested requirements?
(Were any suggested?)

I’d give him $40 if I had it just for the idea of doing something like that for the community without even downloading the program…
YMMV… :grinning:

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Yes I was at the time I had the issue. He verified it was a problem on his side and promised a fix in a few weeks. After no fix came I wrote again and received an apology and another eta. After that passed, I wrote a few more times and was never responded to. I was polite and hopeful but after being treated as such I feel completely justified in warning otherpeople about the lack of support.

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That’s generous of you especially as Void runs a for profit business. If I had $40 laying around I didn’t need I’d give to something like Doctors Without Borders.

Not so - You know exactly why your post was flagged because you then edited out the part that was unreasonable conjecture. - you can criticise the situation as much as you like, but you can’t speculate on someone’s status/conduct and pass it off as fact when they’re not here to respond, especially such a valuable member of the community who has clearly moved on to pastures new

Please resist in any case this whole calling out flagging like it’s a bad thing (or simply assuming it’s for a reason other than your own doing) - community support is vital for the smooth running here

The topic was un-pinned to allow it to drop of the radar here as it’s clear the latest firmwares are not fully supported

As for what is on iTunes that’s something to clear up with apple/developer.

The bottom line is that the software may have worked for some on a previous version of the firmware and in updating the firmware the support will have been lost - this is a gamble we all play with OS roulette - as for the state of communications, well that doesn’t sound great, but i expect (and haven’t looked) that the app is stating which firmware is supported.

The same point would pertain to bugs on a supported firmware version, there’s no guarantee that there will be support going forward so you have to opt in based on what you know at time of purchase

Either way - it seems that the best and simplest option would be to seek a refund from Apple, i presume they can do this in cases where it’s clear that the App they have sold has been mis-sold, if this is indeed the case

I’m not sure if void will ever be returning here, so there’s limited benefit in dwelling on this here - take it up with Apple for a refund or to have the app advert fixed if it’s in error

This is also an unhelpful way to communicate, just sayin’ !

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I only edited what I did because it said I had to or my post would not show at all. I stand by what I wrote.
I wasn’t speculating, Void is gone. He is not supporting those products anymore which is clear.
I voiced my opinion that cannot run a reputable business that way.

Touché! :smile:
Take care… No offense, still working on controlling my post reflex…

Ha! Me too. Void is a sore subject for me. On to better things.

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anyone know what the last known rtym os working with SDS drop is? yes SDS drop only works with the MK1, i know. i just want to know what the last known operating system to work with it is. its kind of essential to have this program to work efficiently with samples. cant believe elektron still haven’t incorporated this simple feature into OB how useless can you get?

Have you had a browse through the SDS Drop thread? I see you’ve posted in there; too much noise / no clear answer to your question I presume?


I think the last one would have been OSv1.36

With OSv1.45B Elektron made a number of changes; hence the potential failure point / why SDS may not work?

PS: I don’t have SDS drop; so um; I’m just talking shite as usual.

you made this? AND octaedit??! why the fuck haven’t they put you on the payroll? and STILL no efficient way to handle samples and file management, half baked products but release another tiny drum machine that no one gives a fuck about… brilliant strategy … ah yeah no clear answer and theres just way too many posts. ill have to roll back the os on my AR-MK1 but i don’t know which one.

ah ok, wasn’t sure if you and void where the same person. maybe you are? this is the internet and its a VERY strange place. i have seen things you wouldn’t believe… void has gone void so im not sure if there will ever be an update to SDS. would still be nice to know what OS to use though because i know after a certain number it doesn’t work.

oh i see EDIT

i have an MK2 as well but i think im going to sell it and buy another MK1 just so i can manage samples easier. they are buggy AF anyway, its in the shop now getting repaired because it has the REC button bug. my MK1 is also in the shop because of a VR ram bug. elektron are starting to piss me off a bit. i just want a working rig to play music on. two AR’s and two octatracks was a lot of fun when they where actually all working properly. eegghh. ah ok void is just (possibly) enjoying life and not coding stuff for people in a dark room somewhere …

Had this same issue yesterday: ”no free sample slots”
Formated the +drive, erased all sample slots. Updated firmware (1.46b2)
MacOS 14.5

Did you mean OS beta1? there is no B2?

Yes you are right. Beta 1.