SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


curious, how will sds drop handle raw audio files? i made a sample collection formated for a euro rack sample player and thought it would be fun to have in in Ar. could convert them again but maybe i don’t have to? :slight_smile:


Was waiting fo ther Elektron file transfer app for the MK1 but after several years waiting i guess im gonna have to buy this :slight_smile:


you waited years tho sds were already available? go for it, you will not be disappointed


It doesn’t work with ARMKII? Just keeps on telling me the sample slots are full…


RIP timing :joy:


Does anyone know how to fix the “no free sample slots” error? Obviously, I’ve made sure that I have the slots, even went as far as removing most of the samples from the machine apart from the factory pack.
The sds drop app is communicating with rytm, as the pads react to pressing a pad interface, so it’s not a connection issue.
Sorry for a dedicated post but the sds support is nonexistent unfortunately.
I’m on rytm mki and the os is high sierra


What OS? I don’t think void has updated the apps to work with the new OS.


Yeah, it’s the new one with dvco, but I think the problem appeared before this update


The Kit & Project sysex format changed in the new OS, so that might be it.


According to the thread about void’s app for the dt, void is gone from internetland. Looks like void has been gone a while as there has been no responses from void in the other thread.

It’s likely that whatever recent changes made to the rytm and dt os broke compatibility with voids app.
According to the other thread it’s not looking like fixes are coming


Yeah, void seems to do this. He makes good software but then disappears for awhile. I had an issue with Strom he said he was going to fix (twice he said that) but that was well over a year ago. I personally won’t be buying anything from him anymore.


I’ve just encountered this too, first time using it since updating to the new OS, really wish I’d held off on the new OS now, SDS drop was so convenient. No way I’d have sacrificed it for the Dual VCO.

Because I’ve had SDS Drop I’ve not been paying much attention to the sample transfer thing that is apparently coming, is it a similar thing?


Transfer is already available for the rytm mki if you’ve updated your os. If you have the dual vco you also gained access to transfer.

Additionally, one of the members made a web based app called crunch/elk-herd that works with both rytm units. If you do a quick search on the forum, it’ll come up.


don, t work whit 1,45 don’t expend money


don, t work this app the say ever its full pads


This is a known issue with the newer OS’s, and from reading this thread it sounds like it’s unlikely that it will ever be fixed. Maybe try to get a refund?


hehe nop , i decided to wait for Elektron :stuck_out_tongue:


THANKS i report this to apple


shame that sds drop wont be seeing any updates because this app was very good and still head and shoulders above anything elektron has produced thus far. loading samples onto the AR sucks balls. i dont know why they just didnt go with something simple and easy like an SD card or indeed provide a way to just drag and drop samples onto the required pad.


Agreed. I did not updste my AR because I use this app a lot.