SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


Should work, especially when C6 works. No clue. Sorry.


Yes. Using C6 for bulk xfers works fine anyway. Same speed really and I have it working in stable way. SDS still works fine for quick kit building though.


Quick question everyone, I’m using SDS drop with the upgrade for stereo samples and I have no trouble transferring the sample but for some reason I can’t trigger the L and R at the same time in the RYTM, its as if there is a choke going on preventing the other channel to trigger the same sound at the same time. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance


Which two tracks are you using for the L and R samples? The Analog Rytm has 12 tracks but only 8 voices so some track sounds are blocked if the linked sound is playing.


Any news on when Elektron will release a free app to do this on the Rytm MK1?


what do we have to do, who do we have to pay, to get this shit on the pc platform. dying here


Hey guys,
does anybody know anything about the compatibility of the Rytm MK2 and SDS Drop?
I just tried it out and SDS recognizes Rytm, which i didn’t expect, and i can trigger the pads and everything but it says that there is no free sample slot. This should be a bug right?
I would be grateful for any advice.


hey! I don’t have a Rytm Mk2 so cannot really say right now - It’s very likely that the app needs to be updated to work with the new OS in the mk2. I expect that as soon as the new OS will be available for mk1 units, I’ll be able to update the app easily to work with both kinds of devices.

thanks for your patience :pray:


Ok, that was expectable but good to know i probably did nothing wrong.
Thank you for that quick response though! :v:


Hola void, any news? I just updated to AR mkII …


Anyone got this working on Mk2 yet?


nah when i try using it with a new MK2 it says “no free sample slots - unload some samples” :confused: would really love to get this thing going! any updates?


Just the info I was looking for. Thanks!
If I want to fill my plus drive using SDS is it posdible to do so?


Hey there,
Does SDS work with OB running in Ableton?


When I owned an ar it seemed fine to use wireless sds drop and ob.
I think there was an update that allowed this - so you can sample into ableton via ob and then drag the sample back in to sds drop and back into the ar

Or just drag your samples from ableton

Good luck


Thanks for the quick reply - I tried to drop samples from ableton onto the pads of SDS but is still says that the Rytm is full (neither the project or +drive is full though). I sent a message to the SDS email account awaiting some help.

Do you know if I can tell SDS to save the samples to the +Drive somehow?


All works now:) Had to empty the project file.


Hi Riddim…i am also having this same problem where SDS says the Rytm is full. Can you explain in more detail what you did? What is “empty the project file”? I deleted everything off the +Drive (wanted to start fresh anyway) and I still get the message that it’s full when I try to use SDS.


Hi there,
I started a while new project and the SDS drop worked right away no issue.

No idea why it wouldn’t work with my old project though - there were lots of room for samples.


ok, i will check it out. thanks