SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


how can i go about writing my own such application for sample management, say on linux? is the rytm’s USB protocol documented anywhere? or is there an API?


@void Anyone else had issues using the app with yosemite (10.10.5)? I mailed you some more details but I’m getting a message saying there’s no free samples slots, when in fact there’s nothing but free sample slots!


@Limmy pls check your mail!


the core of it is the MIDI sample dump standard protocol. There should be some library which does it on Linux… but modifying kits etc is done via sysex, which is not documented… spent some good time in a hex editor :slight_smile:


I’ll try your suggestions as soon as I can. Cheers man!


@void – double checking, and sorry if i missed this… SDS won’t send sysex correct? …just bought it. thanks for the work. gladly pay $20.


hey - thanks! It does not… or it does, but it sends it as audio sample. Would be easy to change though. I’ll keep it in mind for the next version!


@void is this the place to ask for help/questions? i’m trying to use a prefix but it doubles whatever i put in.

i want…
BASS-bt.wav to become

so i put
in the preference for prefix, but when it adds the samples to the rytm it adds them as:

help? direction?


sure, ask anything :slight_smile:
the double prefix is totally a bug, accidentally applying it twice… noticed that just recently… fix is out soon!


@void Hey Jakob, have you had any experience using a BomeBox? It has functionality for network MIDI using an app installed on the computer. I was thinking it could be nifty to have SDS Drop connect to the AR via wifi, so the whole AR-SDS-STROM connection could be over wifi - not just for the lack of cables, but so I could use SDS Drop at the same time as having my AR connected to the BomeBox et al. Do you think this could work? I tried but I couldn’t get SDS Drop to recognize the AR over that virtual midi connection. I’m thinking it’s not a sufficient connection, but thought I’d throw it out there to see if you think it could work. I think it would require being able to manually choose which MIDI device is the AR, as you would in effect need to chose Bome’s virtual midi device as being the actual AR. Not crucial, but could be a nice touch.


I don’t have experience with that device, but sounds cool! You’re right, all it would need is probably an option to choose the target MIDI device in SDS Drop - which is easy, can add this!


omg you’re a hero. this would be awesome.

and i will also add that the bomebox has changed my MIDI life. definitely worth checking out.


I am trying to upload multiple samples in one go but the app always disconnects from Rytm after the first one is uploaded successfully. Just wanted to check if this should work in current version?


Hi! Yes, this should work - just tried here a few times and it does for me…
Can you tell me what you mean by disconnect? Does it fail to transfer a sample?
One thing where the transfer fails is when a sample is too long, somewhere around 30 seconds…


Damn. just spent a few days juggling with C6.

Correct me please if I am wrong:

  • SDS app running on Mac (under Strom button it says everything is connected)
  • Strom app running on iOS (Rytm side working)
  • Overbridge enabled on Analog Rytm

I get these messages one after another after 1 successful upload:

Immediately when I press Dismiss it reconnects (where it says No response in red).



  • Stereo Drive add-on is unlocked
  • there were only single shots, mostly drums, also a few pads (max 2MB) but nothing even close to 30sec
  • and yes it uploads the first sample ok


hmmm hmmmmmm…
what if you skip the 2nd sample?
just to rule out it’s some trouble with that one


I tried and it doesn’t matter which sample it is. I also just restarted Mac, iPad and Rytm, launched the apps and tried again. Same error :confused:

edit: tried restarting everything again and opening only SDS on Mac + Rytm connected via original cable directly to MBP’s USB3…no change


ok… odd!
these time outs might mean that SDS Drop possibly fails to read your Rytm’s project settings, which it tries to do after each file is transferred.

Can you try again, but with the PRJ button in SDS Drop disabled?
Then the files are only sent to the +drive, but not loaded to the project.


Ohh wow. I had PRJ disabled until now. So I just enabled it and voala, samples are flying over as we speak. Right on. Hehe yeah! If you try disabling PRJ, does it work for you?


huh! cool that it’s working for you now - but strange that it didn’t work with PRJ disabled :thinking:
it’s working here, tried both…