SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


cool cheers!
I’ll have a look, if the format is simple I could try and treat such files specially so that the audio is extracted correctly in SDS Drop…


heres an mpc60 floppy file - its pretty weird and gnarly


soundfonts seem to be less harsh to my ears but still random - all great fun experimenting with different formats.

one of the great things about sds… is using sds drop with ableton - i.e record rytm via overbirdge, resample, drag file into sds drop and back into the rytm.

abelton is the sampler and resampler, vsti host and doing all the things the AR can not and you can just flip it all back into the rythm quite quickly - all works like a dream and smooth without any errors here. There’s also the option of playing vstis and m4l with the AR pads and recording into the ableton sequencer and then send the final recording back into the AR. It limitless really.

Thank you and well done.


you’re gonna love the next update :innocent:


Cool can’t wait - I’d be happy to pay another $10 for add ons in side sds drop. Why not offer inside app purchases?
That will help fund further updates.


indeed it would! I keep thinking about this, but feel torn… don’t like to alienate users. There will be people who happily would buy new features, others probably would be pissed… lets see. I think the new feature might warrant an IAP actually though…


This app is tremendous. Just left my first ever App Store review. Thanks so much for your work.


thanks for the review :slight_smile:


Any info on the new release
What functions do you have in mind?
Thanks matez


just started with the SDS drop. its night and day compared to the sysex. i have a question thou, why would the SDS say my rhythm is full and samples need to be removed, when its actually barely half full. I’m sure I’m missing something cheers


Perhaps it is your 64MB Project ram that is full (not the 1GB +Drive)


When the 64 meg or 128 sample pool is full - just think of the pool as “lock samples” per project
Just move the samples into the idrive
Or just select all and delete from sample pool/128
(All samples are saved in the plus drive )

Now you should be able to drop samples again via sds drop


Thank you very much!


so gutted theres no Windows version. What about sharing the code to a Windows developer? split the profits??


This is showing in the app store for $19.99, but everyone in this thread keeps talking about it being the best $10 they ever spent. Is there somewhere else to get it for $10 I’m not seeing?

Brothas be broke these days


yep, I increased the price last Christmas, since the wireless connection thing was added. Tbh should have increased the price much earlier… 10$ was very low. I’m quite broke myself :smile_cat:


It’s so worth it and more.


No problem, was just making sure I was looking in the right place. Also sometimes developers will have their own site which allows them to take home more money without Apple taking their cut. I’ll be picking up a copy soon. :wink:


Just wanted to add that I purchased the new apple camera connection kit USB 3 and the pattern generator works like a charm when Strom is directly connected to the RYTM ! This app is amazing !!! Cant wait to see what you got cooking next, I for one would happily pay for an in app purchase, your work is appreciated !!


I like it, but it’s more expensive here Korea… :cry:
Anyways, thanks for a great app. :smile: