SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


Don’t know why I’ve waited so long to buy this. @void you’re a hero!


Probability trigs have become my favorite thing. And the way the retrigs are set up(in actual measures instead of OTs decimals) it helps to create a probability p-lock sound(just something I like)


Hey paulcheeba drummer of morcheeba?


Yes it’s the same Paul_G aka Paul Morcheeba. Love these boxes! Thanks for the kind words!


i love what you do as music!


Hi Void,

Absolutely love the app. However, I’ve had this strange thing start happening over the past day. Everytime I get done batch loading over 2 or 3 samples, it says “failure” and “no connection” at the end. The samples still seem to arrive just fine, but it’s a little strange. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

Mac Pro 3.1
Yosemtie 10.10.5
RYTM updated
SDS Drop updated


Sorry, it actually says “No Response” in red at the bottom left and “Timeout, please make sure that your Elektron Analog Rytm…”


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Bought it yesterday… Why haven’t I found this before, its great!


is this available for windows or will it be???


hi, sorry I don’t plan doing a port…


Hadn’t done any sample based fun on the RYTM for ages so fired up SDS Drop last night and had lots of fun.

Cheers Void.


New to the Rytm and just wanted to thank you VOID for this app its much appreciated !


First of all. Thank you for such an amazing app!

I am having the no response/disable OB message.

Sds version 1.1.0 OB 1.10 RYTM 1.30C


Macbook pro

Is there a proper way to launch the DAW, OB then SDS?

Should I update to OB 1.15?

Sds Pads send midi and sample transfer works.

But the pattern generator and parameter mangling seem broken.

Thank you!


STROM and SDS Drop are compatible with latest OB, nothing changed.

to be honest I still don’t really have a fix for the non-working pattern-generator in OB mode though.

It seems the Rytm’s sysex capabilities are less robust in OB mode. Though it does receive patterns via c6 if OB is enabled. So likely I’ll just have to slow down the sending of data a bit.
Stay tuned, investigating…

(I’m finding OB quite unstable, it sometimes completely kills MIDI on my computer, requiring a macOS reboot… othertimes the Rytm itself crashes or stops working properly… because of this I don’t really use OB, and I don’t see these bugs often…)


Thank you for your instant reply!

I’ll stick to sending samples with SDS & OB and when I want a little pattern generation I’ll just disable OB…

Tha app is nonetheless awesome and a huge time saver… (if only for the direct sound pool transfer).

Thank you for your time.



Yep - Dropping a sample right onto a pad in the current, active project is magical for workflow purposes.


works perfectly, many thanks for developing this app. I can now cut up my analog samples in ableton and then drop directly into the AR.

Now for an interesting part: as we know the SDS drop app was designed to allow the AR to read all types of files and the creator has said:“the conversion is no magic really - it just reads the file byte-by-byte, where every byte results in one sample point aka 8bit, and sets the samplerate to 22.05kHz, then sends it over. I chose this format because there’s actual PCM audio stored that way in some Genesis ROMs - for example, the Jurassic Park game has dinosaur noises. definitely try these :slight_smile: if you find some files or formats which sound interesting, feel free to post! haven’t had the chance yet to try a lot of them” myself - see video @

Now I was left thinking, well, in that case, will the Ar try to extract PCM or ‘sounds’ from old ensoniq eps/asr, sp1200, mpc60 disk files? And yes it does! and the AR produces a ‘ghost’ multi sample chain of files from old sampler formats. For example upload a good old ensoniq ‘ede’ and the AR attempts to convert the files, sometimes with success and you can hear grude cymbals and bass and pads some other weird grainy ghost noises. Next i thought ok: what about a mono machine sysex - and this format translates quite well as its elektron native, its less grude and more transparent. So, with a bit of magic and luck and getting sample points right, you can have a monomachine booster sound pack running through analog filters. Next up: the analog 4 seemed to translate crudely into the AR engine. Machinedrum is a bit weird and dangerous. I’ll try out the OT next.
Happy sample dropping and hunting.:smile_cat:


nice - if you got good results, post em! :smiley:
would also be interesting to have a look at these old sampler files…


ASr10 and eps disk files can be found here - just pull them over to the SDS. No idea what are in ede files but sometimes you can hear bass and hats on AR. Most of its gibberish but they are ghostly there…When i have time I’ll extract them via chickens labs and see what wavs are inside.