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I’m new to this, just picked up the Digitone, I’ve had the Digitakt for a month. I was trying to making city sounds. Jack hammer ish, electrical sounding sounds, door bell ish sound. And I slowed down a sample from a Johnny Marr bit lifted from a Smiths song… because why not. Thank you for the challenge! It was fun!

Scoring Challenge


I tried posting the video like you guys did, but I could only get a link to it. Sorry

If you click “share” on your vid and grab the link (rather than just copying and pasting the main URL) and just paste it into your post, that should work.

I like the muted lead sound in your score, works well.

Thank you for the compliment and the tip! This was a fun challenge but it was difficult to pick a direction to go. And I tried to paste it also but it didn’t work. Absolutely my own error I’m sure ha ha. Thanks again!

Thanks for your entry, @uhstevenk! Nice that we’ve had a good variety of different takes on the same video.

The challenge is still open for another day or so, in case someone’s still on the fence whether to take part or not.

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Alright, the challenge is now closed but don’t worry - there’s a new one waiting for us already.

Three entries in Open Battle #01, five in this challenge - hopefully more in Open Battle #02!

I’m probably just stupid but I don’t know how to create a poll on this forum. So unless someone tells me how to do that, I’m more than fine with letting this challenge be an exercise and not an actual battle.

Thanks to everyone who participated and commented, it was both fun and eye-opening!


Thanks for setting it up @korpinen, it was an interesting and fun exercise

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Thought this would be the appropriate topic to link to the new Spitfire
Audio scoring competition.

Would be awesome to have an entry from one or two Elektronauts as well! If you decide to take part, please link to your video in this topic!

Judging by the winner of the last Spitfire comp, a chiptune dubstep mashup could be just the ticket


Yeah I’m pretty sure there’s a fair amount of entries like that this time around! :rofl:

Just watched the 2-minute scene that the competition is for. Let’s just say I probably won’t even try. Would be good practice of course but for me there’s not really a single thing about the scene that I find inspiring.

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Ha, honestly I think the last one was so controversial they may decide to go with a more standard type of score this time! (although one criterion is individuality, so who knows….) And yeah I’ll be sitting this one out.

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Yeah the winner may indeed end up being a more standard affair but yeah who knows.

I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the controversy in the Westworld competition but for one I think the winner being so ‘out there’ should have been a good reminder for a lot of people that you absolutely need individuality to stand out. You can’t just roll out the intimidating brass / rumbling celli / staccato strings if you want to stand out from the crowd.

If I remember correctly, the controversy was partly caused by the fact there was a connection between the winner and someone in the Westworld team who were the panel for the competition? That’s not nice admittedly.

Since I posted the link and watched the scene I actually started thinking that if I were to try it, I’d probably do it with something like Machinedrum as a poly or something. Definitely not orchestral samples. But stylistically it’s not my thing at all so it might end up feeling like a chore so probably not gonna even try it.

New scoring competition from Spitfire.


They certainly manage to partner with some high profile projects! I’ve never seen Bridgerton (my partner watches it, though). Not sure it’s quite my thing, though I guess that is the challenge of being a good media composer- coming up with a great score even when the source material doesn’t resonate…


I didn’t watch the scenes yet nor am I familiar with Bridgerton but it’s probably not my thing either. If I’d had more time I would’ve given each of the three Spitfire scoring comp’s a go just for fun. Three very different shows in the competitions, which is nice. I always seem to prioritise writing ”my own music”, however, which has the funny notion that scoring for media wouldn’t be my own but that’s just how I feel about it. It’s certainly its very own thing within the field of being a professional composer/musician.

A little peek at my entry as costume romance music is my kind of thing. Looking forward to winning.


I’ve heard the first rule in scoring for media is the music doesn’t have to be good, it just needs to fit.

Then again, the winner for the Westworld comp was ”notorious” for being very different from all those wannabe Hans Zimmers so would be awesome to hear something different (like your bit) for Bridgerton as well.

Then again, like I said, I don’t know Bridgerton at all so you might be right on the money! :grinning:

I’ve always thought it was some cheesy British romance but I really know nothing as I’ve never seen it.

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Yeah, certainly looks like a Jane Austen knock-off but I might be completely wrong.

Sounds like a “live score” Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum would welcome :slight_smile: