Scored a mint Yamaha QY700


The QY700’s Groove Templates are Play Effects and are described primarily on pages 84 to 89 of the manual.


Thanks so much Peter. I’ve been looking in the manual index under ‘Templates’, ‘User Templates’, etc.

D’Oh! :blush:


Doing your research already? :smile:

One thing I really liked about the QY700 was that it separates the phrases (individual note patterns) from the track. So you can have phrases 1-8 on tracks 1-8, then while it’s playing you can type 5 and enter into the number pad and track 4 or whatever can be playing midi phrase 5. You can then mute in out out patterns, and use parts A-H when you want to change a lot of phrases at the same time - if you see what I mean. So I would start building bits up, with mutes, swapping individual phrases for variation in real time, then dropping to part B. Etc.

You can also change the groove timing in pattern mode while it’s playing to create instant interesting rhythms!


More like revision, I had one for a couple of years in the late ‘90s but sold it as I was very productive with my Atari and C-Lab Creator.

I’m sure your advice will make sense when I have the unit in front of me and vital parts of the manual have penetrated my neural network. If not I’ll send out distress flares. :slight_smile: