Science Lab Challenge, September 2015 [Main Thread]

It’s competition time!

The challenge is to create a 15-30 second video, depicting how DAW automation and clever programming of one (1) track on your Overbridge enabled machine can be used to create a visual and musical whole. The video will be judged on its music as well as on the visual impression of the Overbridge plugin, as the automation makes the graphical elements move in time with the music. In other words: this competition is about both sight and sound. Think of the graphical action of the Overbridge plugin as the music video for your composition.

[li]The competition is open to anyone with an Overbridge enabled Elektron machine and a DAW running any current release-version or beta-version of Overbridge[/li]
[li]Each contestant may submit one (1) video only. We recommend that you record the video using screen grabbing software and not by filming the screen of your computer[/li]
[li]The track/video length must be between 15 and 30 seconds[/li]
[li]The video should depict the Overbridge VST/AU plugin interface and how the automated parameters/graphical elements move along to the music[/li]
[li]All audio must come from only one (1) track of the Elektron machine[/li]
[li]No post-production or editing of the video is allowed. The video must be recorded live and direct. No plug-ins or other means of affecting the audio are allowed. Also, except for normalizing no post-production of the audio track is allowed.[/li]
[li]One winner and two runners-up will be selected by an Elektron jury[/li]
[li]The decision of the jury is final[/li]

Submitting your track
[li]Post the video to your Youtube/Vimeo or similar account.[/li]
[li]Make a post in the submissions thread where you link to your video.[/li]

[li]Three tracks will be nominated[/li]
[li]If needed, the nominees will be contacted to verify that the rules have been followed (don’t throw away your DAW project or Elektron machine data when your video is done)[/li]
[li]Of the three tracks, one will be selected as the overall winner. The prize is an Elektron machine of choice[/li]
[li]The two runners-up each win an Overhub USB hub[/li]

[li]The deadline for submission is Thursday the 24th of September, 1PM CET (Your video must be posted in the submission thread before this time to be accepted. No exceptions.)[/li]
[li]The winners will be announced on Friday the 2nd of October[/li]

Good Luck!

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Cool, thanks for this new competition !

You forgot to mention the sysex verification thingie :wink:

I’ll come up with a massive AR track !!


woot! great concept for a challenge :slight_smile: can’t wait to see all the entries

QQ: “All audio must come from only one (1) track of the Elektron machine”

  • Does this also mean onboard FX are not to be used? (One single output not routed through effects)

I make hardware music, not software videos.

Haha, glad I’m not the only one who feels excluded. On the one hand I can see that Elektron want to promote Overbridge, but on the other hand even the chance of a possibility of winning an Elektron machine won’t get a DAW in my studio :imp:

a pair of question…

Automation will be on the machine, recorded in live record mode
or in the DAW (in ableton clip or other daw track)?

If i use ableton, can i have a midi track with midi note and automation or the note can be in the pattern on the machine?

Start from INIT sound or using preset?



Some quick questions though …

One track on the analog keys …

  • can be a polyphonic one ? Or must it be monophonic !?
  • can it have FX ?


A bit shit they couldn’t wait until a functional AU version is released before having this competition.

Love concepts like this. 15-30 seconds is good.

A question:

On the A4/AK, are we allowed to use Sound Locks, or must all changes to the sound be by automation/Trig Locks?

Other question, dear @frefrikalm : is using samples in AR OK ?
I mean

  • is using the sample layer OK ?
  • is p-locking other samples OK ?

It sounds like fun!

Since most videos will come from screen capture, can the video begin and ending be trimmed? I’m guessing this basic ‘edit’ would be allowed. The same goes for normalizing the audio - an edit of the video would be necessary for this to be accomplished. Please advise!

A video link is provided for “inspiration”, but it is obviously post edited. Can you provide a more realistic example?

Should the video only contain the daw and the Overbridge plugin onscreen?

You might consider lifting the ‘post-editing’ restriction. Otherwise, it’s hard to imagine a worthy video for spreading the good news about Overbridge (which btw, I am loving for my A4 and using it all the time).

Currently OB doesn’t even work good in my DAW(bitwig) so yeah… Major issues in latest beta.

Why would you guys do this now when its not even solid yet??? I guess this just applies to Live users?

well said! +1 :+1:

I have never used the OB VST, just tried the “soundcard” function:
Is it possible to automate everything in the AR and not the DAW and still see the parameters move? In other words: Is it bi-directional?

@klerc yes it is bidirectional.
You can control the AR and have OB move nicely.
And you can tweak the XY filter window and have the AR screen values changing in real time.

Alright. Thanks.
Let’s use the OB as a nice Christmas Tree :imp:

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We recommend that you record the video using screen grabbing software

Where do I find a free, good screen grabbing software for mac? I have never “screen grabbed” before. I am unfamiliar with this, but I’m up for the challange.

You can use Quicktime Player to do screen recordings.