Science Lab Challenge :: May - 2017: Inverse drum machine and synth

::: Notification of Science Lab Challenge :::

make a 64 bar track that is funky even at 84-98 bpm

using only one drum machine as the synthesizer

and one synthesizer as the drum machine

no vocoding allowed

to be completed during May 2017


Is using samples in the Rytm in or out? I would still count it as synthesis myself, but it might also be completely against the spirit of the challenge.

yeah i’m going to take the purist option here, no samples lolzor :smiley:

really it’s a great exersize and when i joined one of the coolest types of Lab was the inverted drum machine synthesizer role … encourages reappraisal of gear, reexamination of oscillator function, out of the box thinking.

the concept being synthesis and recontextualisation (the synth is the drum machine! the drum machine is the synth! omgzor!)

it’s like doing a crossword puzzle or something :smiley:

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Does OT as synth and AK as drum machine qualify? I don’t have a RYTM/MD :frowning:

any drum machine is cool, and whatever synth, but they must be a synth and a drum machine.

the exercise is so important, it doesn’t matter what brand of gear is used, although for the objective of the scenario, perhaps this time is best to be all hard-line about it and rule out the use of all samplers.

as soon as i repurchase an Octatrack and buy the very subtle gold faceplate upgrade, will compose a quite simply fabulous Lab for the OT then …

Word up! Thanks for the month off :slight_smile:

OK cool :slight_smile: The only vaguely legit ‘drum machine’ I have is the Digital drum synth in Op1.

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How strict are we talking here? Can the synth use tuned percussion? What about using a quick stab in a percussive manner? It rhythm just in a controlled noise kinda manner?

Am I allowed to submit an ambient song just using a drum machine?

both technologies must be represented in the form of one box with blinking lights and an on/off switch, one unit for each requirement

if the synth has multi-options with drum-specified machines, choose the keyboard-oriented sound types to make the drum part with, share the knowledge on how the inversion was successfully temporarily achieved …

if the drum machine behaves like a synth in the track, then cool … although some form of drum part is also required, from a synthesizer, no matter how subtle or sparse the part may be.

just to clearify this: am I allowed to use the SY77 for drums and the AR for Melody? The SY has got samples but I can promise to only use FM.

Also: I guess processing is out of the question here?

yo fragezeichen, yes very cool scenario.

realtime 64 bar recording of both units at once preferred, although bring up the volume of the track recording by all means, perhaps apply some peak style compression to even out the listening experience.

if i do a realtime recording of both units, that means the drums will be played by a single voice korg prophecy, so, the rhythm track might be pretty minimal, but with some realtime delay and reverb should be okay … also possible to p-lock the sequence using the Machinedrum midi sequencing capability.

it is okay to use a drum machine to midi-sequence the drum track, as long as the sounds come from a separate synthesizer for the drum track.

it is also totally okay to capture the 64 bar recording using an Octatrack as a mixer/recorder device only.

great challenge. very nice restrictions / rules.

Nice one… will try with Po rhythm as a synth and virus as a drum machine.

Edit… ok this won’t go the way I thought it will. PO rhythm realy don’t have much of synthesis capability. I don’t own any other drum machine so I guess I’m out of this one… have plenty of fun!

probably gonna start on this Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m thinking a MDUW ambient song with the obligatory A4 synth BD, maybe play with the noise gate a bit. I dunno.

Question. Since I’m using both machines, am I allowed to use the A4 FX to process the MDUW?


cool question … at your discretion.

im keen to make a track for this challenge…

currently my Korg Prophecy is disassembled, trying to upgrade the OS, bent a couple of pins on the eproms, gotta wait for replacements lol.

i could try and use the Casio 3200k as the percussion somehow. that would be hilarious. does a great piano sound tho.

On a related note, Casio’s portable sequencer toys in the 1980’s were pretty awesome.