Science Lab Challenge, December 2017 : SPS-1


I haven’t heard of either of those references.

But I like manifesting dots through sound!
Using the IMs surprised me with just how versatile they are. NS was the hardest to get beyond textural rhythms.

edit: sad i’ve never seen this but so happy now i have!


Hi Nauts @waftlord I’m just checking are you using input machines routing audio from MD to MD or def no…. just GND and master fx. right? and the deadline is Jan 21 Elektron time? just to make sure.

yes so minimal I’m sweating with the noise

hey bro we are here…. Happy new year firestarter have to make some noise with the Science Lab.


Yo @elektrobot7!
im back to the garden…was in Catalunya with my girlfriend till yesterday since xmas…but today…i will def make some science noise!took my soundcard so i will be able to record…
And since im a happy unemployed since today,i will have even more time :slight_smile:
Im not proud at the things i did till now :frowning:
But…there is still 1 week…
Happy tweaking Nauts!
And Happy New Year!


I think @StinkyBeat did just that, routed out and back in through an input machine. I see this as fair science game as long as you’re not processing the audio externally (all audio must come from md exclusively). I didn’t personally.

Jan 21st was the initial deadline. Part of me thinks of rolling this out to “infinity” just so people can take part and get scientific when they feel or come across the lab. There seems to be a new raft of users buying cheap 2nd hand units recently (like me) who are experiencing and exploring the wonders of the MD for the first time.

In line with the Bugs recent comments I’m quite interested in seeing what the 2nd/3rd generations of users sonically try and achieve with elektron products. It could be quite different to the fiscally privileged and (therefore usually) older people buying the current grey trinity at the moment. This could be its own thread discussion…


cyanescens made a wicked SIN live track i’ve added to the playlist

I rolled the timeframe of this lab out to infinity, people can contribute as and when they come across it and are in the mood.