Scenes and parameter locks

Since I’m not quite sure of how to word my actual question, I’m going to pose it in the form of an example.

On Track 1 Trig 1, I have a Kick01. On Track 1 Trig 2, I have Kick02 microtimed all the way to the left so it basically triggers on step 1. Usually, I will set a trig condition for 1:2 and 2:2 so that the kicks alternate, but what if I wanted to control that change with scenes? Basically, what if I wanted to have 2 different drum parts on the same track that were morphed between via the slider? Is there a way to assign individual parameter locks per trig with scenes instead of across the whole track?

Can’t tell values yet, have to test, but here is the idea :

An Lfo on VOL
Scene A : Lfo Depth
Scene B : VOL
Trig 1 : plocked Lfo
Trig 2 : plocked Vol

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Interesting. I can’t picture that idea in my head, though. So you’re saying I lock the LFO value on 1 and the volume value on 2, and then the scenes mess with their settings?

Yes, but unfortunately the first sound is cut by the second one. I’m checking values

Would work on very short sounds…or not too close…

Trig conditions, or prepare slices with different mixes between sound 1 and 2…

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Feature request -
It would be cool if scenes could control trig conditions :smiley: just change the % probability with the scene could probs work?
But that wouldn’t really morph i guess

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@slicetwo if you want sounds at the same step position it works with 2 tracks.

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Riiiiiight. The slices! That’s how I saw people do it before. Set it up so that the scene changes the slices. Just gotta move quick!

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Just in case it helps, the OP idea. It’s a bit useless as is, because a scene on track Level would suffice, but it would work on 1 track. Easier to understand with 2 separate tracks maybe…

Scene A plays Track 2, scene B plays Track 1

Track 1, plocks on VOL -64 (no sound)
Scene A = nothing, plocks active.
Scene B = VOL 0 > sound (overrides plocks)

Track 2, plocks on lfo depth 64 (no sound)
Lfo on VOL, inverted square, half, depth 0
Scene A = Depth 0, overrides plock > sound
Scene B = nothing, makes plocks active (-63 on VOL with the lfo), no sound.


Which sound is shorter than 1/384?

Any sound with an attack can be used.

That’s basically the probability parameter found on other Elektrons, (A4/AK and AR also got that with recent update).

Probaply no Probability for OT, tho.

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That’d be great!
Which knob? :content:
Amp Setup? A new knob in Microtiming page?

If you want it p-lockable/assignale to a scene, you can’t put it on a setup page. The free space in amp main is reserved for xvol…no space for an additional parameter on playback/src, lfo…maybe on the comb filter? Lofi?^^

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I wouldn’t mind much if it wasn’t plockable!

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I haven’t played much with that probability parameter, yet. Just tested briefly, not sure if I’d use it.
P-lockable wouldn’t make much sense I guess (same as using different %TRCs), but controlled by lfo or scene could be nice.

No space left, though (only on a few effects like dj eq, comb filter, lofi, spring reverb).

Sorry for offtopic…