Scale per track issue


I have several track audio and midi. All in 4/16/32 on 16 or 32 … scale 1, 1/2, 1/4 and the total lenght 64. So nothing weird. No swing applied.

After the first cycle, some tracks are delayed like it plays 65 or 66 step …

in major patterns i don’t have such issues but for two it’s a total mess.

What’s wrong ? could ARP had influence ?

i guess its this bug on 1.21

Have had this issue too. Only solution was to can the pattern and start over.

Same here too. Hope they fix soon, I hate losing work/time.

I’m having the same issue, it drove me crazy for a couple of hours until I realized it must be a bug.

Hi all, can it be that the exact same bug prevents correct changing of patterns from digitakt to digitone. I normally let my digitakt change the patterns on my digitone.
I have one pattern with a track that is scaled to 6 steps only. I set the master length to M.LEN parameter toinfinite and had the CH.LEN set to 64 (in order to let it change with the digitakt after one full cycle of the pattern).
But it does not work (well it does, but one cycle to late) when the program change comes from the digitakt.
When I switch patterns by hand on the digitone everything is alright and it works as expected.
When I put back the M.LEN to 64 it works.
Well, works kind of because letting the pattern last longer that one full cycle means the 6-step motif is cut at the end of the pattern and reset with the new pattern start.
Isn´t the what the M.LEN parameter should be for.

I can´t get my head around that. It does not make sense in any way.
If this qualifies as a bug I can stop thinking I would do something wrong.

Thank´s in advance