Saving things


Eureka moment :wink: Seeing the whole forest is difficult when you’re in it. Looking at all these comments on this thread, it appears that the idea that it is harder to unlearn something when learning something new is certainly based in some reality! Now I get it - and yes, it is simple - once you forget how things are done in other workstations when it comes to saving and storage.


BTW (just for your information): beware, that unless you use “save project” nothing is really saved to the +drive, but still only kept in RAM. So in the case of a crash or if the internal battery dies or any other reason which corrupts or clears the RAM state you may loose your changes …


That is the BEST info EVER! Thanks. I didn’t have time to really think about that - I just got my A4 a few days ago. So assume the best thing to do is just save the whole project in the +Drive, correct?


Yes. The other so called “save” operations are, IMHO, just for temporary use (save+reload during performing and similar).


With an A4 it’s still important to save your kits as you go along.
If you make a lot of changes to many kits without saving each as you switch to another, saving the project will only store the state of the last kit you tweaked. Patterns save automatically when you switch them, kits don’t.