Saving synth patch on Digitone


As the topics says, I can’t get my carefully crafted patch to save to the +Drive so I could use it in other projects, anyone care to give me a step-by-step guide, please? :blush:
I’m reading the online-manual and get to page 59>14.2.2 SOUND MANAGER>
but from here I get lost, I push “global settings” >Sounds >sound manager> but what next? I only start with the first one named 001 Digit-one and can’t find my own sound, only the stock-preset I started with and not my renamed one?

As usual I’m surely missing something pretty obvious? :grinning:


Probably it is saved under bank C:001? You need to scroll down.


Hey thanks, found it now!

But how does the structure actually work, is it automatically saved whenever you rename the patch or is it saved by any other way?

Really liked to know the excact workflow. :sunglasses:


I believe it works like this, based on my limited time with it:

If you export (save) a sound to Drive+, and then add it to a new pattern, that instance is saved with the pattern itself. Think of it as a copy. So if you change the sound in any way on the pattern and want to use it anywhere outside of the current pattern you are in, you need to export (save) it again to Drive+. This is actually a fantastic feature as it lets you parent and child sounds. Think of Drive+ as your primary paints and your track/pattern sounds as your mixed colors. If you want to add your new color back to your primary paint section, just export it!


Scroll down to what? I’m sorry I am loosing it trying to get this and found this thread. So I appreciate your feedback for real. Thank you


Where are you supposed to save it or copy it to?

The drive?

What is bank C for then? Not presets?’

Thank you so much for you help in advance


If you just save a sound, it is placed on the first free slot. If it‘s a brand new DN, bank A and B are filled up with presets and bank C will be empty, therefore it would be located there.


I also have this question. I created a nice sound and wanted to save it to de +drive. Tried to find it online, tried to follow the manual, ended up losing the sound. :sob:

Ah, crap. I only found it just now. Sorry to answer my own question, but to save it for the future, here is how to save a sound (as demonstrated in


  1. press the :gear: button
  2. Press [ V ] down button to select “SOUNDS”
  3. Press [ YES ] button
  4. Press [ V ] down button to select “RENAME TRK SOUND”
  5. Press [ YES ] button
  6. Name your sound
  7. Press [ NO ] to go back
  8. Press [ ^ ] button to select “SOUND MANAGER”
  9. Press [ YES ] button
  10. to find an empty slot in the +drive, I suggest: press [ BANK ] + [ 16 ] to select the last bank. I use this bank for my own stuff and fill the other banks from the “bottom” You could pick another bank if you like. An empty slot looks like this

G:001 ///////////////////////

  1. Press [ > ] right button to open the right menu
  2. Press [ YES ] to select “EXPORT TO HERE”
  3. Press [ YES ] again to confirm the name
  4. all done. Only 13 steps to save a sound


I had a very similar question when I first got mine. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest manual as they have added some useful stuff that was not present at first and saving sounds is now clearer. I think the ‘export to here’ menu item isn’t exactly intuitive if you were looking for something as fast and obvious as, say, the Analog Four’s method.


THank you so much for your help


I greatly appreciate you taking your time to assist me.