Saving sample settings

Hi all!

I have got the OT for almost a year now and I often start to get a groove with this unit, that I later record to the computer to arrange and build around. It’s a brilliant piece of gear, but I have not explored much of the management system or sampling capabilities yet.

I like to sequence sliced beats with pipo looping, but find it a very time consuming process. Is there a way I could go through my breaks and set slices, looping points and tempo so that it is stored and can be open from any project?

Yes you can store sample settings Audio Editor FIle’s menu.
Double click on the track, FN + Bank (Edit) > FIle > Save Sample Settings.

It saves settings in a file you can see on the card, with the same name as the sample :

Saved settings are those you can find in Octachainer OT attributes.
Thanks to Abhoth for his helpfull app !


Thanks a lot!

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Welcome in a new slice world ! :heart_eyes:

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