Saving certain samples to patterns


Hey there to the community! :slight_smile:

I just got myself an Octatrack MK1 3 days before. I spend the last 3 days completely on it and got myself into it already more than I expected. Love it, best decision ever. I am currently working on a Setup for a live-gig 8 Days later.

I only use the Octatrack for this gig vor very long samples and synth progressions, the drums and co are coming from a digitakt from my musical partner. So, I actually only need 2-4 tracks per pattern.
For a better organization I still wanted to do a separate pattern for every Song. I Started creating pattern in a common project and assign some samples to the Tracks 1-3. ,This worked well with the first pattern (A1). so far, so good.
somehow, if I put samples on the tracks in pattern A2-4, the Samples change for all the patterns simultanely, which is awful, because I need them to play different Samples. IDK why, but my very first pattern stays untouched from these changes. it keeps the samples I assigned, even if I change pattern and back. How do I lock the samples for every pattern, not only the first? so that every pattern actually plays a complete independent track. I know, its possible to make this by creating a pattern in separate banks, this would do the job for my gig, and I will rely on that if I get no response. but since it worked for A1, I know it works somehow! and logically , it would absolutely make no sense at all to force all the 16 patterns have the same samples loaded. its nice to have this for different variations of the same track, and I dig the possibility , but I need the OT to stop doing that for now! what am I missing? what do I need to do? its an OT MK1 with OS 1.3 loaded on it.


What you need are Parts. There might be 4 per Bank.
You actually can’t do it for each of the 16 patterns. May be sample locks or sample chains.


As @Transference mentioned you need to use different parts.

A part is a kind of kit structure which stores the configuration of the tracks (what machine is used, which sample is used etc.).

By default each pattern of a bank has part 1 (of the bank) assigned to it. This is why when you change the configuration in one pattern of a bank it changes the configuration in the other pattern of the same bank, too.

So either read up the manual section about parts or use just a single pattern of each bank for now. This way you can use up to 16 patterns for the gig without learning about parts yet (each bank has its own 4 parts, so you have 16 different default part 1).

When you are brave enough to learn parts immediately: there is a common pitfall for newcomers. Don’t change the samples assigned to the the sample slots. Say, part 1 track 1 uses sample slot 1. When you want to use a different sample on part 2 track 1 don’t load a different sample to sample slot 1, but use another sample slot.

That’s because the sample slots are global and parts reference these slots. By changing the sample in a slot, each part which references this slot will play the new sample afterwards.


Hey, thanks a lot for the fast response, that’s exactly what I needed to know. wasn’t into parts already, but it seems to work now. + Since I don’t need all the 8 tracks per song I can even manage it all in one bank. Perfect!