Save Tempo (Song Mode BPM?)


I’m playing around with Song mode and while reading the instructions it pointed out that the BPM was shown in the upper right hand corner. I could see that, but since the manual made a point of it it got me thinking…Why is it there? I mean, if one can’t save the tempo, who cares what the tempo is for each chain? Maybe I’m missing something…

From what I know the OT has tempo save in Song mode. Maybe it’s there in preparation for a future update? Because…if so… :heart:

Saving tempo in Song Mode

up of this old thread, how can we save the tempo of patterns in song mode if it s possible?


It’s not possible.


thanks for the reply,any tips to automate tempo change? or an hardware machine that could do it?


As far as I can tell, there’s no MIDI CC for BPM… I’ve gone over to clocking the RYTM externally…


not saving the BPM to the “song” seems really weird. i can get the theory behind why its not with each pattern. but the song?

so yeah. I’ve been using it in slave mode to ableton. BPM in the ableton project


If i ever had kept my old mpc i should be ab’e to use it for that!! I don t want tu use computer only to send clock on each pattern!! I find strange that in song edit we can see the bpm but can t change it for each song in AR!


Like MIDI Sequencing, i think they deliberately stuntted it to give the OT exclusivity.

OB should clear this up…but with a computer :disappointed:


So everybody with elektron is changing the tempo manually if they want to stay totally free of computer?


Everybody with AR or AF/AK only has to do it manually or use another hardware sequencer or MIDI controller. MD, MM, and OT allow for the tempo to be controlled in every row of a song or arrangement.


Everybody with AR or AF/AK only has to do it manually or use another hardware sequencer or MIDI controller. MD, MM, and OT allow for the tempo to be controlled in every row of a song or arrangement.[/quote]

Man that sucks for us.

The closest one can get is by “prepping” the tempo: hit Tempo button, hold FUN, turn pot to desired tempo and release.


Ohh you mean that my brand new monomachine could send tempo change if i manage my song mode on it instead of the AR? For the moment i just begin to explore the song mode and i only looked at the one of the AR but if i make it on the minomachine the AR would follow the pattern change as well as what i do for the moment, i have to return working but i ll look at it this noght when i ll be back!! Again thanks for your help and appologies for my poor english! I think you must be laughing every time i post something :slight_smile: but apparently you understand as well!


The MM will send MIDI Song Pointer Position messages from its Song Mode and (as far as I know) the AR will respond to those messages.

Of course, the MM can also send MIDI clock and MIDI Program Change messages to control tempo and current pattern on another Elektron machine.

(Your English is fine :+1: )


Saving tempo per song is really the biggest need this machine has at this point.


Yes it s really the first thing i really need for the ar to be perfect, in my minimal setup AR, monomachine and virus but if i can do it with the mono i ll be happy!


Finally checking out song mode. Surely saving tempo with song and tempo changes in a song should be possible soon I hope! I know my MD and MM can. Do the other dark boxes?


Is it possible to save tempo settings in Song Mode on the Rytm mkII? I’ve tried saving the project as well as the song, but it seems to just default to a global setting.


Apparently it still isn’t possible to do this simple function.

IMO Elektron really needs to wrap their minds around the fact that not everyone buying their machines is making techno. A lot of us are writing traditional styled songs that have set song structures, and that we’re using guitars/horns/drummers/stringed instruments in our songs.

Changing tempos for each song might seem like a simple thing to do manually, but when you’re playing other instruments as well, or singing, or trying to entertain an audience, the less button pushing you have to do the better. Even the oldest, least expensive, drum machines out there have this basic important feature.

C’mon Elektron, incorporate some of these real world gig friendly features into your machines already.


Doesn’t the DT save tempo? I would think almost everything available to the DT should be available for the AR…


for some reason both Analog 4 and Rytm don’t let you save BPM in their song mode, quite an odd oversight for sure. One of many reasons I got an MD instead of Rytm