Save slice as sound


Hi, Is it possible to save a slice as a sound that I can then use?




two ways i think


use the editor, truncate and save to new sample file

There is no direct method afaik.


Much easier.

Manual p.82

“When working inside the TRIM or SLICE pages though, the selected sample span will automatically be copied over to the EDIT page. Therefore, to apply operations to for example a slice, simply select the slice in the SLICE page and the open the EDIT page.
Press [FUNCTION] + [BANK] or [ENTER/YES] to open a window displaying the available edit com- mands.
SAVE SELECTION AS SAMPLE saves the audio inside the selection as a new sample. The format of the sample will be the same as that of the sample being edited. This operation is useful for saving cuts or slices from a loop as individual samples.

P.S. Seems like the only exception for this is that you have to be on Flex track.
Same menu for Static track does not give you any editing possibilities. (And this is kinda frustrating for instance when you work with large sample chains.)


I guess the whole RAM flex thing for slicing is a limitation but at this point we’re left with our workarounds and only option ie static vs flex. I wish we had more than 8 tracks lol


well yeah it’s a limitation or else you would run out of project RAM very quickly :grimacing:

large file? simply copy to a flex, do the business and remove it thus keeping the orig static in check

more tracks? 2nd OT is always good :grinning:


simply copy to a flex

what do you mean? is there any shortcut for the operation?
the only obvious way for me to do this is:

  • create new flex machine
  • browse for the sample assigned to orig statiс, upload to flex list
  • find the slice, select it
  • save selection to sample
  • remove the flex machine

but this doesn’t look much like a “simple copy” operation for me :wink:


Maybe Fn+copy Static slot to avoid browsing but otherwise I don’t know functions like that.



:heart_eyes: Succeed!! (Actually I’ve been thinking until now that copy/paste slot commands they are only work within either machine’s sample slot list… it’s not obvious from the manual)