Save Project Key Bug with Analog 4 MK2

Hello everyone,

I have a brand new Analog 4 MK2 and I upgraded to the latest firmware version 1.35B

I am experiencing a bug and I wanted to confirm if anyone else is also seeing the same issue.

When I hold FUNC and hit the SAVE PROJECT (which is the Global Settings key), about 1/2 of the time I will be taken to the LOAD PROJECT menu accidentally instead of the SAVE PROJECT menu.

Does anyone else have this issue? You can tell the difference between the new menus as the LOAD PROJECT menu only shows the available projects and has the CREATE NEW option while the SAVE PROJECT menu simply lists all the save slots.

If I repeatedly press FUNC + SAVE PROJECT, it appears about 60% of the time it goes to LOAD PROJECT and the other 40% it goes to SAVE PROJECT and I don’t see any rhyme or reason.

If you hit YES in the LOAD PROJECT menu you can accidentally re-load your project without saving and lose all your work, so be careful of this, it has happened to me a few times.

Anyone else experiencing this? Hopefully we can get a firmware update to fix this?


It’s not a bug

A short tap is treated differently to a press(hold) on lots of UX elements on elektron boxes - this will usually be in the manual


That’s no bug, but by design. It’s mentioned in the manual.

Perform it quick -> SAVE PROJECT
Hold it a little longer -> LOAD PROJECT

From the manual:

[GLOBAL SETTINGS] opens the GLOBAL SETTINGS menu. The secondary function opens the SAVE PROJECT menu. A long press opens the LOAD PROJECT menu.

IMHO with such important tasks like LOAD PROJECT/SAVE PROJECT its an UX fail. It’s much too easy to choose the wrong function by accident.


OK strange, I can confirm it works as advertised… I must have not been tapping the button quick enough to get the save menu, and kept holding it long enough to get the load menu.

Thank you.

I agree, and I wonder how @Ess and @Olle feel about it.
This has tripped me and some of my friends up on the Rytm MK2


I seriously lost 4 hours of work due to this a couple months back. I had the MKI for 2 years prior with no such hiccup.

It would be super easy to fix - just make it so you have to hold down the key for longer to activate the long press. Make it 2 full seconds instead of .5 seconds.


This should already have been addressed and just waiting for a new release of the firmware. However, I can’t find the notes for it so I’m not 100% sure.

Edit: Just checked with a dev build and it’s fixed.


Good to hear, I’ve loaded by mistake instead of saving work too often on my AR mk2, the way it works at the moment is a bit of an error trap

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Any news on this topic?

I’m fairly sure this has been tweaked (as promised above) plus the respective destinations for the two actions now show a title at the top to make it clear where you landed (i.e. Load or Save)